The new "Mac mini" renewed for the first time in two years was disassembled and found to be impossible to replace or add memory

New model which was fully remodeled for the first time in 2 yearsMac miniAs early as the gadget repair group "IFixit"It is made to be naked.

Mac Mini Late 2014 Teardown - iFixit

The decomposition state can be confirmed in the following movie.

The Mac Mini (Late 2014) Teardown Review! - YouTube

The decomposed Mac mini (2014 model) is 19.7 cm in length and width and 3.6 cm in height. It weighs 1.19 kg and is lightweight and compact. The beautiful aluminum case is seamless.

The back panel looks like this. From the left LAN / HDMI · Thunderbolt · USB 3.0 · SD card slot · microphone · headphone jack.

First remove the bottom cover.

Then a covering of punching metal appeared. It is designed to allow exhaust heat from this hole.

The three screws are special screws like this.

IFixit's "TR6 Torx Security DriverThere is no problem with screw removal if there is.

The metal cover could be removed.

The sirocco fan which was attached to the back of the logic board (motherboard) has almost the same shape as the conventional model.

The fansAVCMade.

First, remove the AirPort card on the back of the logic board.

The AirPort card has been changed to a type that plugs into the slot instead of the conventional connector cable.

The red frame chip is made by Broadcom "BCM 4360 KML 1 G"Supports 5GHz 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi. Other(PDF notice)SE 5516·(PDF notice)RF Micro·BCM 20702Various chips are carried and Bluetooth 4.0 is also supported.

IFixit special made that it was developed only for Mac mini's logic board removalMac Mini Logic Board Removal Tool"Logic board with Hosihodi.

Slide and remove the logic board with this back panel in this way.

Orange frame is the cable connector to which SSD is connected, red frame is the connector for S-ATA cable for HDD connection.

The soldered CPU is mounted on the back of the logic board. The model disassembled this timeIntel Core i 5 - 4260 UAnd the graphics adopt HD Grapics 5000.

DDR3 memory also soldered on the logic board surface. In other words, the new Mac mini is "Memory can not be expanded or replacedThat's why. In addition, 9800 yen (tax not included) is required to customize the standard 4 GB memory to 8 GB.

If you do, the removed black parts are the power supply.

It is exactly the same as the 2012 model · 2011 model.

Finally remove the storage holder.

It was installed in HGST 500 GB HDD, 7 mm thick.

It all looks like this when you break apart. Layout with few cables is superb.

The decomposition (restoration) difficulty degree approved by iFixit is "6" in 10 steps. The easiest thing is "10", so it's not too difficult and it's not too easy.

The reason that the decomposition difficulty level is "6" is that "no adhesive is used at all", "it is very easy to remove the parts if there is a special tool" "presence of T6 Torx Security screw" "CPU · memory Are soldered and can not be removed "is cited.

The new Mac mini, which turned out to be incapable of adding or changing memory,The multi-core performance of the CPU is lower than that of the conventional modelIt turned out to be a controversy.

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