The 2018 model of MacBook Pro equipped with Touch Bar reveals that 'data can not be recovered'

The 2018 model of MacBook Pro has a problem that it is pointed out that there is a problem saying that there is a problem saying that it can not bring out the original performance of CPU when using the model equipped with Core i 9, the cooling can not be made in time . Mac Rumors handling Apple products and macOS related news As another issue, I pointed out that "2018 model of Touch Bar 's MacBook Pro will not be able to retrieve data from SSD if the motherboard breaks down" It is.

Apple Seemingly Unable to Recover Data From 2018 MacBook Pro With Touch Bar When Logic Board Fails - Mac Rumors

When Apple began selling the MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar model in 2016, iFixit, which evaluates the difficulty of repairing various products, pointed out that storage design is problematic. That is "SSD is not removable", and if the motherboard of the MacBook Pro breaks down, there was concern that data saved in the main body could not be recovered at the same time as repairing.

In fact, even if the motherboard failed, data recovery was possible, and we had prepared a data migration tool for shops where Apple makes regular repair support. This tool connects the broken MacBook Pro's motherboard to a dedicated holder and connects it to the recovery Mac and migrates the data stored in the SSD to the new MacBook Pro.

When retrieving data from the SSD on the motherboard that failed, you can install the data migration tool connector on the data recovery port in the image (upper) below. This port existed in the 2016 model and 2017 model of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, but it was revealed by the iFixit survey that it is missing from the 2018 model.

MacRumors seems to have contacted multiple Apple authorized repair shops, but from any store it is said that "2018 model of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar does not correspond to data migration tool" .

I understand that Apple's reasons for changing data migration specifications from the Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro 2018 model are due to hardware circumstances. The model incorporates a custom T2 chip with the hardware encryption function of the storage, and the data stored in the SSD is encrypted differently for each T2 chip. Since it is virtually impossible to read the encrypted data on another terminal, Apple is considered to have removed the port on the grounds that "data recovery port remains even if it remains" I will.

When using Apple's Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro 2018 model, we recommend using the Mac OS's Time Machine function to obtain periodic data backups. The actual backup method can be confirmed by the following.

How to back up or restore a Mac with Time Machine - Apple Support

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