Fault in chipset compatible with Intel's 2nd generation "Core i series", collected PCs to collect and exchange

Intel's new CPU known as "Sandy Bridge" development code name on Sunday, January 9, 2011"2nd generation Intel Core" series was releasedHowever, it became clear that there was a problem with the chipset "Intel 6" series corresponding to the same series.

For PCs that use the same chipset, collection and exchange will be done.

Details are as below.
Intel Identifies Chipset Design Error, Implementing Solution

According to Intel's press release, there is a problem with the chipset "Intel 6" series developed with the codename "Cougar Point" adopted as part of the 2nd generation "Core i series" released by the company It seems to have been discovered.

The target will be shipping already on all chipsets shipped from January 9, Intel will begin offering chipsets with problems fixed in late February, We are expecting that we will eliminate the problem in April.

By the way, we have declared that collecting, exchanging, etc. will be done in cooperation with PC manufacturers for users who purchased the computer with the same chipset.

Also, although it is contents of an anomaly, it is said that there is a problem with the serial ATA port, the performance declines over time, and there is a possibility that it may affect the connected HDD and optical drive . In addition, it is said that the CPU itself is not affected.

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