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About the business of Google that has risen to the Internet giant now, the book written by Eric Schmidt, the leader of its success "How Google Works - How we work and manageIt is on sale. For this book, an interview by Schmidt chairman and Jonathan Rosenberg, advisor of CEO Larry PageAlready releasedAlthough it is, about 50 slide images showing the contents in detail are published on the net.

How Google Works

Jonathan Rosenberg and Eric Schmidt thought they understand how to make a business successful as they joined Google.

But immediately, I noticed that it was a complete mistake.

And I noticed that in the Internet era, we had to find rules of business to lead enterprises to success.

In order to know that, I first decided to start by asking Schmidt's frequent question "What's defferent now?" (What's different now?).

"What is different now?"

What is changed from the past? What do people think that "it is no longer true?" Why do you feel that everything is speeding up?

The answer is as follows.

Technology has changed the way of business. The information and media of the world come online, thanks to the mobile terminal, anyone can connect anytime, anywhere. And the same situation arises that cloud computing puts supercomputer in everyone's pocket.

As a result, the barriers of business entry that existed so far have disappeared, the business by the existing business has lost the power and it can not endure the confusion caused by the change.

This change is occurring at a speed that is not comparable with the past, and the pace is rising with each further chase. It's as if the performance of semiconductors is increasing in doubling games every 18 monthsMoore's lawIt's like I can not hold a hand.

And the power balance of the market has shifted from enterprise to consumer, and the required level is higher than ever. Techniques that cheat on incomplete items do not work, and even if excellent marketing is done, if the review evaluation by consumers is low, things will not be sold. Today, only superior items will survive.

At the same time, power shifts are taking place inside the company itself, and individuals and small teams may have a big impact. It has become possible to develop new ideas, experiments, products that succeed in the global market through cycles of failure, re-challenge.

Among all, those who can give the biggest impact are "Smart creativeIt is called.

They areKnowledge of technologyYaBusiness ability, AndcreativityThose who can combine, with the latest tools and free environment giving amazing products with amazing speed.

The problem is that many of today's companies are focused on avoiding risks and not focusing on increasing freedom and speed. The information is hidden without being shared, the design is safe, it becomes a thing dragging the heritage of times when it was regarded as a virtue to thinking repeatedly on ideas, and even a person with decision power is also limited to some people Only limited.

In other words, most companies can say "deliberately slowing down speed".

However, this method does not apply to the "Internet age".

So, what should I do?

The only way to continue to grow business today is to attract smart creative talent and create an environment where they can grow big.

So, how do you actually do it?

First of all, make them feel attractive. This is not so easy.

"Culture" is necessary for this. Smart creatives take care of working environments.

So, first of all, planning company culture quickly. As a group, I think about thinking about working way and decision making method important, leave it in letters.

And just act on the slogan.

The best way is to make the team smaller, always make people gathering, andSerendipityIt is to expand the connection.

Also organizing the company around those who give big impact.

And next is "strategy" to come. Many venture companies set up business plans and start the company. However, in modern times where the speed of change is rapid, traditional MBA style business will definitely fail with several reasons.

Smart creatives are aware of this, and I dislikes the hard work plan deprives them of their freedom.

One of the jobs involved when Mr. Rosenberg joined Google had such a business plan. Google CEO Larry Page was telling the plan "stupid".

Therefore, when setting up a venture company it is important to place emphasis on "strategic foundation", not "business plan". Even if you make a plan, the plan will change. The plan is fluid, but the foundation is stable.

There are three pillars on an excellent foundation. It is "excellent product born from a unique technical instinct", "to focus on growth rather than sales" "to know competitors and not to follow".

Let's decide to welcome those smart creatives. The important thing here is "personnel selection".

Everyone knows that human resources are important, but the actual process often goes to personnel. Instead, it is important to take time to select talent no matter what company.

After the process, a team of smart creatives was organized. Next, it is important to give them an environment where they can grow.

Everything starts with "decision making" approach. The right decision will lead to the success of the team and the erroneous decision will cause the team's enthusiasm to be lost.

In companies with advanced thinking, everyone's "consensus"Although it may make an operation as an appealing point, sometimes it is not correctly understood what real meaning" consensus "means.

The right consensus is not to get 100% consensus, but all people have heard what they need and have done enough discussion about the best answer.

"Communication" is as important as "decision making", and many leaders think that they are good at both of them. However, in many cases it is quite wrong.

The basis of communication is "to be open". It is important to maximize the speed and quantity of information flow.

By doing these correctly, you can reach the level of business understanding "innovation".

What is important here is that the CEOCIO(Chief Innovation Officer) as well. Innovation is not "owned" or appointed but "acceptable". Innovative talent is not born by instructing someone "Become innovative" and reaches that area by themselves developing into innovative.

Giving a hard-to-realize goal and getting another outcome from that failure.

Listen to the development team, not the office group. And it is important that they make prototypes.

I do not know where the idea comes from.

This step is not limited to entrepreneurs or high-tech companies. Opportunities are rolling everywhere, and smart creatives also exist in many places. You can also find people who have ambitions to make teams and catch up to the predecessors.

The first thing that matters is having a "big idea".

And think about what "will be realized in 5 years".

At that time, imagine what you can not imagine. Because it is because there are many things that can not be imagined become reality.

And believing in the future. Sometimes tremendous ideas are easier to realize than smaller real ideas.

Because big ideas attract more people.

Slide ends with the phrase "Well, are you ready?" It was such a glimpse of Google's unique view of management.

Schmidt's book "How Google Works - How we work and manage"Is on sale at 1944 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: How Google Works - How We Work and Management: Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, Alan Eagle, Larry Page, Nami Hijikata: Books

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