Dropbox bug caused user file to be completely erased

Online storage service that can store data on the cloudDropbox, The file of the user saved in the server was completely erased occurred. It is known that the cause is due to a bug in the application.

Dropbox confirms that a bug within Selective Sync may have caused data loss | Hacker News

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This bug occurred in the desktop version application provided by Dropbox. Uploaded to the server using the Dropbox application, the data which was kept only by the server without being stored in the main body of the PC is affected. Since Dropbox has already taken measures such as releasing countermeasures, it seems better for people using the application to update as soon as possible.

Although it is a serious problem for users who say "erase files completely", the condition under which this bug occurs is when it satisfies the following two points, so the actual impact is considered to be limited.

◆ 1:Dropbox Select the folder you want to synchronize in the desktop application and save only the desired file "Selective synchronization(Selective Sync) "setting item, there is a folder with a check box removed.

◆ 2:The PC with the above setting crashes or forcibly restarts for some reason.

Dropbox which grasps the situation is trying to recover data as much as possible, but it seems impossible to completely restore it. In addition to sending an email of apology to the user who was found to have been injured, a monthly charge of 1200 yenDropbox ProFor free for 12 months.

The cloud server service that can store data on the server and use it from anywhere is very convenient, but if there is a risk of unexpected damage if the data disappears due to such a trouble it is something you want to avoid excessively relying on . Data management is as follows "3-2-1 Rules"It seems to be said that it is said that it is the event that reminds me that it is most certain to save with multiple media in several places.

· Copy of dataThreeHold over
· Copy media to be stored2 typesTo be over
· Backup destinationOneSaves the original data to another offsite

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