A bug was discovered on Outlook 2016 that mails are freely erased from the server

Microsoft's mail / schedule management software "Outlook 2016", It became clear that there was a serious problem that" it is deleted from the server arbitrarily when receiving mail ". Ironically, this bug is also occurring only for those who want to control the timing to delete mail from the server, so it seems to say that actual damage is occurring.

Outlook 2016's New POP 3 Bug Deletes Your Emails! | Josh.com

Email is deleted from server or duplicated in Outlook 2016 when downloaded using POP 3

blogJosh.comBigjosh2 who operates the Internet has noticed that mail received by Outlook 2016 has been deleted without permission from the server's inbox. Mr. bigjosh 2 said that he noticed the erroneous e-mail was erased immediately after receiving because he was using the optional function of Outlook to automatically erase incoming mail from the server after a certain period of receiving mail.

In order to investigate this problem, bigjosh2 created a test environment installing only Outlook 2016 in the virtual machine environment, registering a new mail account and tried it, the received mail is deleted from the server's inbox without permission I confirmed that. As for the behavior at that time, detailed log data is released on the following Github page.

Log file showing Outlook 2016 new version POP3 bug. See http://wp.josh.com/2016/02/24/outlook-2016s-buggy-pop3/ for details. · GitHub

This trouble with bigjosh 2 is "I am using POP 3", And"The option "Delete from server after xx days" is onIt is said to occur when. If you do not use the function to delete mail after a certain period of time from this server, the mail will not be deleted without permission, but this time there is a problem that the same mail reaches the inbox at hand , It seems that it has not become a fundamental solution.

About this bug, Microsoft has already confirmed bugs.

Email is deleted from server or duplicated in Outlook 2016 when downloaded using POP 3

According to Microsoft, the problem occurs in "Version 16.0.6568.2025It is said that it occurs only in POP3 environment with Outlook 2016 of "It is. Therefore, we recommend that you receive mail with IMAP instead of POP3, or use Outlook 2016 of version 16.0.6568.2025 or earlier until a version is fixed that fixes the bug.

In addition, reports from users in Japan are reported to the Microsoft community about the same type of trouble.

Outlook 2016 Deletes Mail from Server with Duplicate Receipt of E-mail and Viewing Mail - Microsoft Community

Ddrjzz 30According to Mr. Microsoft, Microsoft support believes that "there is a high possibility of a malfunction in the update program that was delivered since last Wednesday (February 24, 2016) when Microsoft confirmed the event".

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