Samsung Develops Ultra High-Speed ​​60 GHz Band Wi-Fi Technology That Reduces Communication Speed

ByMagalita Biancocanto

Samsung, the world's largest smartphone / tablet maker, unveiled a new high-speed Wi-Fi technology using the 60 GHz band that realizes five times the transfer speed of conventional Wi-Fi communication. It is a high-speed communication technology that the transfer rate downloaded wirelessly is faster than the speed of writing 1GB of movies to HDD.

Samsung Electronics' 60 GHz Wi-Fi Technology Accelerates Data Transmission by Five Times | Samsung Electronics Official Blog: Samsung Tomorrow

Samsung has achieved 60 GHz (Millimeter waveBandwidth) Wi-Fi technology. The maximum communication speed of existing devices is 866 Mbps (108 MB / s), but with Samsung's new technology the transfer rate will be raised to 4.6 Gbps (575 MB / s) at the maximum. In addition to being able to download 1 GB files to the device within 3 seconds via Wi-Fi, real-time streaming playback with zero delay can be played from mobile device to TV even for uncompressed HD picture quality.


It is said that it is difficult to cover the entire house because the frequency of the 60 GHz band is difficult to pass through obstacles such as walls, but Samsung is developing a "wide range beam forming antenna" that can solve this problem . Samsung's 60 GHz band (802.11ad) Wi-Fi technology, unlike the existing Wi-Fi frequency band of 2.4 GHz band / 5 GHz band technology, eliminates the interference of co-channeling, limiting the number of connected devices It means that you can maintain maximum speed.

Samsung'sDMC Research and Development Center"We are aiming to commercialize the new 60 GHz band radio technology, and will be used in telecommunications equipment including audiovisual products and medical equipment," said Kim Jang Young, .

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