Project to observe "cosmic rays" globally on smartphones all over the world "CRAYFIS"

ByNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

"From the outer space to the earth"Cosmic raysBy analyzing, we can understand the mechanism of celestial phenomena that happened far away, ultimatelyCan uncover the mystery of space evolutionIt is considered. A spectacular project to observe the cosmic rays that hold the key to its universe elucidation on a global scale using smartphones is "CRAYFIS"is.


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Cosmic rays are highly energetic particles such as atomic nuclei, photons, neutrinos, are thought to have reached the Earth from the supernova explosion as origin and are analyzed as "Messenger coming from outer space" including various information on the universe It is expected to lead to elucidation of the mystery of the universe.

Most cosmic rays reaching the Earth are bent in their paths by a strong magnetic field in the solar system and lose information on where they originated, whereas the highest energy cosmic rays that only fall only once per 100 square kilometers are universe Because the course of the space reaches the earth with almost no bending by the magnetic field of the space it greatly helps clarify the high energy astronomical phenomenon of outer space as "treasure house of information". However, due to the scarcity of observation data are not gathered as I expected.


So, in order to observe the rare cosmic rays where you can not observe where in the world, CRAYFIS, a project to collect data from all over the world using smartphones spread around the world as detectors was born.

Because the latest smartphone has a digital sensor for high resolution cameraAir showerSince it is easy to detect phenomena and to use GPS to grasp the exact position and upload data easily, it is perfectly suited as a cosmic ray observation instrument for 1.5 billion smart phones dispersed all over the world.

ByWaldemar Brown

Today, the development of a special application that can gather cosmic ray data from smartphones all over the world is in progress, and the application will be compatible with both Android and iOS OS. People who wish to participate in the CRAYFIS project and cooperate in elucidating the mystery of the universe are OK by simply downloading the application to the smartphone, the application operates in the background like a screensaver and waits for the cosmic rays, when automatic Actively, participants will only download and install the application.

CRAYFIS is currently looking for people to join the project and if you register in advance as follows, it will let you know before the application is completed and data collection starts.

CRAYFISOfficial siteAccess to "Join".

Enter your name and email address and click "Send".

It will be OK if "Thank you!" Is displayed on the upper left. You will be notified when preparation is complete.

Collecting a lot of cosmic ray data is the biggest key In the CRAYFIS project, anyone who participated in data collection on smartphones can use data gathered by anyone for dissertation writing. Of course there is no plan to write a paper, but those who "want to cooperate with the magnificent space elucidation project" want to participate in data collection work.

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