How to find a "comfortable awakening method" that suits yourself

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"Pleasant awakening" seems to be an eternal theme for modern people, but it is hard to find difficult to find a good method in practice.New York MagazineKevin Ruth who is also a writer of the company has published the episodes that he sought for the establishment of such a waking method at the same time.

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"We will demonstrate the solution on a certain theme as a laboratory base"Self-BetteringIn the series, Mr. Ruth chooses a methodology for "pleasant awakening". I tried the following methods to verify which one gave the best results and how to continue the improvement.

Ruth usually got up at 6 o'clock using the alarm function of iPhone, and brushed his teeth immediately after getting up, but he said that he never really wondered whether this traditional method is the best. About one week's research and the results of human experiments with my guinea pig undergoing advice from experts are summarized as follows.

◆ Method 1: Make your own routine work routinely daily
The reason why I hardly wake up every morning is "Sleep inertia"Ruth said that it is in a state called" If you are awake from a deep sleep, the cognitive ability of a person is 50% lower than usual, and it is known that this condition will continue for more than 30 minutes after getting up. When Ruth searched for the method with the goal of eliminating this sleep inertia, multiple experts recommended "What happens at a fixed time every day".

Following the advice, Mr. Ruth slept at 22 o'clock and tried to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning for a while, but unfortunately I did not notice any noticeable effect. After 45 minutes I was out of danger of getting out of the way I did before, so I decided to try the next technique.

◆ Method 2: Find an alarm clock that suits yourself
Over the past five years, Mr. Ruth woke up with an alarm sound of "opening" in the preset of the iPhone, but he said that this was never comfortable. Some of my acquaintances wear it on my wrist and record the behavior pattern and ring the alarm at the most appropriate time to get upUP 24 by Jawbone LThere seems to be a person recommending products like, but it seems that Ruth was not suitable for Mr. Ruth.

So Mr. Ruth made Philips'Wake-up lightWe purchased and carried out the test.

It seems that Mr. Ruth seems to like it mostly, it is a product that supports waking up with an alarm sound that can be selected gradually from lighting and two kinds of natural sounds. It is said that the effect of lighting has become woken by 10 minutes to 15 minutes earlier than the time that was always set, but it seemed that it was not until we were convinced that "this is it".

Next, Mr. Ruth will support waking up with three of visual, auditory, and olfactoryTriple Therapy ClockTested.

It is a product that realizes comfortable waking by borrowing the power of aroma, but it seems that it was not good for Ruth. I entered the bed with lemon grass oil, but as I got up in the morning the room felt like a "smell like a Thai restaurant" I did not like it much. I think that the choice of aroma will also greatly affect this ... ....

◆ Method 3: Use "RISE UP Method"
"It is not the only way to select an alarm is a method", so the next thing I tried is a method called "RISE UP method". This is a combination of initials such as "do not use snooze", "do shower or wash face" as follows.

·REfrain from snoozing (does not use snooze function)
·INcrease activity for the first hour (increase activities for 1 hour at the beginning)
·SHower or wash face (to shower or wash face)
·EXpose yourself to sunlight (bathe in the sun's light)
·UPbeat music (Listen to good music with tempo)
·PHone a friend (Call a friend)

According to this, Mr. Ruth usually changed the early morning as soon as he got up the jogging that he had been doing in the evening, and made a telephone meeting with the staff at 6:30 in the morning that a good result was obtained . With this method, it is not necessary to buy something new, so it will be easy to start, but it goes without saying that the power of reasonable will is required.

◆ Method 4: Drink 'One full glass of awakening'
Many Americans are drinking a cup of coffee for the awakening, which is actually proven in effect scientifically. Ruth seems to have routinely drunk double shot espresso, but this time as another four candidates "Monster Energy"Coffee for watering out"Which is a type of energy drink"RunaAnd you can replenish just by spraying energy ingredients "Sprayable Energy"And carried out the verification.

As a result, Mr. Ruth liked the most as "watering coffee". Especially the iced coffee drunk in the glass chilled to the quinquin in the freezer was as stimulating as washing the face with cold water and it was effective for waking up. Also, "Runa" has the second most effective effect.

ByJessica C

Unfortunately "Monster Energy" has no effect. Rather, because it contains a lot of sugar, I do not like the aftertaste, which is the lowest rating for Mr. Ruth. Sprayable energy "Sprayable Energy" had no influence other than besides "Sprayed neck part got sticky".

◆ Method 5: Eat something
is thereResult of the studyPeople who take diet rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber for breakfast know that consciousness is clearer than those who eat high-fat ones. However, actually it is difficult to eat such a meal every morning, so Mr. Ruth tested with juice mix of vegetables and fruits.


Initially because of too much keel of blue vegetables,Green juice conditionIt seems that it became difficult to drink, but by adding apples and ginger, it succeeded in formulating a taste easy to drink. The influence that juice gave to the elimination of sleep inertia is "I do not know well", but it seems that the act of carving vegetables and making it juice at least every day from morning brought a good result.

Also I tried chocolate and chewing gum which are said to be effective in improving memory. However, in particular, chewing gum had decided to dismiss because Mr. Ruth did not make the taste of coffee useless.

◆ Method 6: Continue to fit yourself anyway and make fine adjustments
Regarding healthy living, there is no longer any way to argue such as "do not smoke", "take a balanced diet" etc. There are no arguments yet, but when "awakening" is the theme, there are quite a few individual differences It can be said that there is. Therefore, in order to find the best awakening method, it seems that you will find a method that suits you anyway and continue to refine it while continuing it.

As a result of a series of verifications, Mr. Ruth said, "I got a regular sleep, woke up using a wake-up light, drank a large cup of watering coffee, ingest a lot of dietary fiber with vegetable juice and exercise early in the morning such as jogging We set our own pattern of "do it" and put it into execution. Furthermore, Ruth says that every time the above set every morning set is completed, "How comfortable today was" was scored with a score of 10 and fine adjustment of the set is done. Actually, when we changed to drink coffee before jogging, it seems that we could run for a long distance and then felt strength.

BySpyros Papaspyropoulos

As a result, although the sleep inertia itself never disappeared, the influence was reduced considerably. For the previous Ruth, "getting up" is said to be "to change the direction of a huge ship", but now it seems that there is a change to "you are like to steer a lightweight tugboat" .

Acting "getting up" will always come every morning no matter who is, so it was Ruth 's opinion that it is important to raise the quality and get up feeling comfortably.

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