Hints to know the moment when "human intelligence" was born in the oldest cave painting in the world

The oldest cave painting in the world was discovered on Sulawesi, Indonesia. According to the discovered scientist, the murals were at least drawn about 40,000 years ago, and this discovery is an important role in solving the mystery "When human intelligence was born?" It is said to bear it.

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In the countryside on Sulawesi Island in Indonesia, the oldest cave painting in the world was discovered. It was thought that it was drawn about 37,700 years ago in the El Castillo cave in northern Spain, which was known as the "world's oldest cave painting" until the murals of Sulawesi is discovered Mural painting.

Until the mural painting of Sulawesi island is discovered, the state of the mural painting of El Castillo Cave which was "the world's oldest cave painting" can be seen in detail in the following movie.

Northern Spain Cave Mural pain Travel (1) El Castillo Cave - YouTube

In contrast, the mural painting about 40,000 years ago that was discovered on Sulawesi island in Indonesia far from the El Castillo cave.

On the mural paintings are clearly "human hands" drawn, which means that they painted human paint a colored paint and left the shape of the hand intentionally. "These murals are at least 30 thousand thousand years ago and are the oldest bills in the world," said Dr. Maxime Aubert of Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.

There are multiple bills drawn on the walls and ceilings inside the cave, and it is honestly a little eerie.

It is colored so that hands are placed on the wall surface and the shape of the hand is clearly left and since there are multiple such handy shapes, it was not that the bill was left behind by chance, but it was intentionally left on the wall , You can see clearly.

Besides human handprints, there are also figures of "wild ungulate" in mural paintings.

Dr. Chris Stringer at the London Natural History Museum said, "Beside the hand is a pig.This picture is a thing of 35,400 years ago and it may be newer than a bill but it is currently It is no different that it is one of the oldest mural paintings discovered, "he told BBC.

The ability to think about "art" and "abstract concept" is considered to be equivalent to "intelligence" which distinguishes humans from other animals. Using this "intelligence" human beings have used fire, made wheels, and developed other technical engineering.

Until now, the oldest murals in the world were Spain's El Castillo caves and French cave paintings, so human's "intelligence" has been thought to have occurred in Europe. However, as the painting of about 40,000 years ago was discovered on Sulawesi Island in Indonesia, the idea that human intelligence such as art and science had spread from Europe was forced to change the idea ScientistsNatureI am telling you.

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