Fate / stay night · Free! · SAO · Immaculate such as Imasa "The Pain" Summary

"Machi ★ Asobi vol.13In the 2 days of October 11 (Saturday) and 12 (Sun) of 2014, the girls who are enthralled from all over the country are gathered in the Bibaihama Park.

Pain event exhibition - Machi ★ Asobi

Arrived at Iibanhama Park where massive pain cars are on display.

The first thing I found was "lovelive!"Pain in Chari 2 units

On the rear wheel part is Kozaka Kozo

This car is on the car body "Free! - Eternal Summer-"

"Idolmaster Cinderella Girls"

This car is a punctured pattern

"THE IDOLM @ STER(Idol Master) "Hagiwara Yukari


Illustrations on the side of the car body are different on the right and left

In the car is dot snow step, and so on, love for Yagumi Hagiwara is overflowing

There are also gull wing cars

A painful car with a climb

In the door partLove PlusTakamine Arakana

Commitment that the seat part is also covered with a cover of Takamine Aifuka

seriesSenjogahara Hitagi

Looking from the front, goods and stickers and so much deep power

In this carSword Art · Online IIOf Chinon

Quite big size

The timing was just the start of the exhibition, so the owner of the pain car was sticking in the sticker

For yellow and black cars ......

Grisaia's fruitMatsujima Michiru

In addition, we found taxi drivers and taxi drivers at the corner of the hall, and a mysterious shot of shooting a taxi with Pashapasha

As I approached the taxi, this was a wrapping taxi with "Fate / stay night" specification.

The moment the wrapping taxi is born can be seen in the following article.

I saw a place where a wrapping taxi of "Fate / stay night" specification is born

Rin Tohsaka


There is also wrapping in the trunk part


Cherry-blossom viewing cherry tree

Kanpei honor

Shiroji Miyajima


◆ The top of the mountain
Unfortunately the exhibition at the summit was only on the 11th, but also a select painful car was exhibited here.

Ducati's Fate / stay night bike

There is no illustration of the character, it is gathered up stylishly with just the logo and the emblem.

However, something is likely to be called from the seat ... ....

According to the person who produced this pain bike, it is said that it shines when it is dark and dark in the luminescent specification.

This is Suzuki's Imamas Bike.

Shimamura Uzuki on the left side of the tank. Just SUZUKI logo "S" overlapped characters "UZUKI" where the name is notation stylized.

The right side of the tank is Haruka Amami

I can see it as a normal car when I see the body from the side ... ...

A big mike in the bonnet

"GSR & Studie with Team UKYO" in the rear glass. It is the team name of Good Smile Racing participation team.

A helmet was also prepared.

THE IDOLM @ STER 's painful car featuring Makoto Kikuchi

There is an illustration with dynamic feeling on the right and left of the body ......

On the rear is "Momoko!"

This is "The IDOLM @ STER Cinderella Girls" Futaba Fu

Idol's unexpected expression

If you run parallel on the bus, you can see this "losing if you work".

Is it a rally specification rather than a pain car? And I think ...

Illustration by Erika Sendo, vice chairman of "FORTUNE ARTERIAL", coming in hand.

Mizose Iori + Hanshin Tigers 1 unit

It looks like this is not a pain.

However, Miki Tsukishi of the side "sides in the middle of the world and the world" is decorated.

"I'm running even if it looks painful, so it is ///".

The last is a pain car featuring Kitazawa Shiho of "THE IDOLM @ STER MILLION LIVE!"

The members decorating the rear are members who came out "THE IDOLM @ STER MOVIE to the other side of the shining!"

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