Imasu · Hatsune Miku · Bakemonogatari · Love Plus etc. Painfully too painful cars gathered gore ★ Asobi vol.11

An animation event held in Tokushima from October 12th to 14thMachi ★ Asobi vol.11"Is a so-called" IDOLM @ STER ", Hatsune Miku, Bakemonogatari designed as carsPain car"Gathered at the Bizan Mountain Forest Stage / Bibahama Park.

Meishan forest stage

A painful car is displayed in the space on the right side of the Big Mountain forest stage where people are overflowing.

TV anime "Saki -Yuuki Kataoka's painful car that appears in.

The front part is like this, the license plate is self-regulated.

Body left side.

On the back there was Yuuki Kataoka gnawing tacos.

This isShepherd of the Great LibraryThe pain car.

As bonnet, Ayumi Ureshino.

Left side.

Sakuraba Tamago algae drawn in the back.

On the right side is Suzuki Kana.

"Invasion! Ika girl"The degree of reproduction also has a high level of pain.

right side.

The interior of the car is also designed based on blue as a squid girl.

rear end.

In the lid of the gasoline tank is written "FULL TANGESO!"

Vibrant butterfly is a refreshing impression with a refreshing impression.

On the left side is "I have few friends NEXTThere is Kashiwazaki Sanaa of.

Bakemonogatachi was based on yellow.

Characters are not drawn on bonnet, simple design.

For doors that open and close upward, Senjogahara Hitagi.

The design of the rear is cute.

This is THE IDOLM @ STER's pain car.

The colors are not attached to the idols, but with the signature of each character.

The tire has a silhouette drawn.

This is also the THE IDOLM @ STER pain car and Mizume Iori version.

The upwardness of the face is quite painful.

Left side.

Mr. Iori Mizase welcomed me of course at the back.

Again, Takatsuki Yayoi's pain from THE IDOLM @ STER.

On the left side, in addition to Takatsuki Yayoi, confirmed the appearance of Mizume Iori.

rear end.

Body right side.

lovelive!I found a pain car.

The huge power bonnet that the characters gathered is quite high level of pain car condition.

There is Mr. Nishino Kino on the right side.

It is confirmed that the owner of this pain car is a Nishikino Maohime fan.

The rear part is like this.

This pain car is a love plus specification.

Aika Takamine is honoring a fresh smile on the hood.

Aika Takamine that lies down in a yukata appearance.

Takamine 's winking wink, the driver of the car attached behind will surely be suffering.

right side.

Hatsune Miku 's pain and a pain car.


Hatsune Miku playing the guitar.

The right side is a logo and Hatsune Miku only, unlike other cars it is simple.

This is a pain chari.

Touhou ProjectI found a Yakumo purple pain bin.

◆ Bibai Beach Park

Especially the eye catching eyebrows at Bibahama Park turned into a painful carNissan · GT-R.

Super car's GT-R has been remodeled as a garbage pitcher.

Hanekawa Tsubasa to the bonnet.

Left side.

Rear glasses are also well designed.

Body right side.

"Creepy! Mr. Nyaruko WThe pain car.

When opening the rear door, there was an oversized speaker on TV and figure.

The side design which Kuko kisses Nyaruko.

Cunt and Nyaruko are peaking in bonnet.

Suzuki'sEvery WagonHatsune Miku pain car.

It is full of Hatsune Miku all along.

Hatsune Miku as if she is waving her hand.

The rear part looks something like this, overall it is a pop design that looks like Hatsune Miku.

We also found THE IDOLM @ STER 's car in Bibaihama Park, this is Amami Haruka version.

On the left sidePROJECT IM @ SLarge letters.

Left side.

Amanai Haruka is full of energy even in the back.

This isKotoura-sanThe pain car.

Haruka Kotora got a face when he narrowed it.

Left side.

Haruka Kotora of a maid figure was drawn on the hood.

Machi ★ Asobi vol.11The pain cars gathered at the end were all so high that the love for the owner's work was transmitted to us as well.

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