Even if it gets raining or sunny, it is a day of disappointment, the painful cars gathered at "Machi ★ Asobi vol.4": Part 1

Unfortunately the weather at the first day was unfortunateMachi ★ Assobi vol.4However, the hot pain car owner and the pain car watchers were struggling to the venue of the "pain car exhibition" at the summit of Mt. Mountain, descending rain as well as the coldness of the summit.

From the beautiful girl game to Moe series animation there are plenty of variety photos of the pain car from the following. One side of the mountaintop parking lot of Meishan is the venue for "pain car exhibition" next to the forest stage in the Meishan summit venue.

Painfully arranged cars in line.

This pain showed up with the trophy was "FORTUNE ARTERIALThe pain car.

Left side.

right side.

In the rear part is the character of "Aaruta Otama Moe element" along with the figure of Yuuki Haruna.

"Angel Beats!"Nissan Skyline of the specification.

Left side.

right side.


I also participated in "Machi ★ Asobi vol.1"Mazda · RX-7.

"Cat cats soft"of"Cat cat Fan Disc"Mysterious Sisters appeared in" Drawing "is drawn.

"CLANNADThe pain car.

Left side.

right side.

rear end.

In rear windows there are also characters such as "Moe elements of a certain flat meal".

"Fate / stay night"This pain car, featuring Saber,Last year's entryIt was a car I was doing ......

This year the bonnet was dramatically Imchien.

By the way, the hood of last year is like this.

Back also imechen.

Last year it was like this.

"Rozen MaidenThe pain car.

back. This license plate did not mosaic process after shooting in the editorial department, but had a number plate mosaic originally attached.

It seems that this car is the theme of vocaloid.

On the hood and the right side are "Black ★ Rockshooter"But.

The back is like Kagamine Rin and Hatsune Miku.

"K-ON !!Discovered a pain car.

Or it seems to be called a painful car devoted to Mio Akiyama.

Number plate is tea time specification after school.

There are five silhouettes on the wheel.

The figures were decorated with friends on the dashboard.

"Magical Girl Lyrical NanohaThe pain car.

It is a nice thing to do a small fate on the hood.

There is also a comical fate on the right side.

A big fate was in rear window.


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