"Pain" which appealed greatly by painting the love of the work and character to the car gathered greatly at the summit

"Painful car" that draws favorite work in the car, regardless of genre, such as animation, games, manga, like decorator who painted the appearance of favorite singer and idol on the back of the truck. If you are in a metropolitan area you may find it occasionally in the town, or you may see a gathering situation with every event.

"Machi ★ Asobi vol.7"This pain crowd gathered at the summit of Mt. Bizan which is one of the event venues. The car seems to have been coming from Okayama prefecture and Tottori prefecture other than in Tokushima Prefecture. Unfortunately at the last gore ★ Assobi vol.4, the first day was a bad weather display in the rain, but the weather was very high this time Well, in the day we shoot a lot of people were turning the camera and mobile phones towards a pain car.

Exhibition hall of Mount Bizan summit. Touching is prohibited, shooting is OK.

People who unconsciously direct the camera to the main event before the event, before or after the event, or to the shooting main.

The first thing I saw was the light blue "Squid girlA pain car.

"Squid Shooting Squid?" And Ika girl is hiding the license plate.

Squid girls are drawn largely on both sides of the car.

Looking into the car, it is also a squid girl who is driving.

A big squid girl on the back. The small pattern is a squid girl in silhouette.

Small and cute Mitsubishi'sI. I got information that it is not MiEV.

"Is this a zombie?It is a pain car.

It is one of the heroines who is hiding the license plate, Yu. It is perfect for this role because it is a character that does not make a voice, always write sentences in memos and take communication.

A little noisy chain saw on the dashboard. Because it is one of the heroines · equipments of Haruna it is entering name.

Decorations of a slightly larger size than the refueling opening. The ribbon part seems to flap and flap.

And back.

"We only have regretful people".

"Panty & amp; Stocking with GarterbeltA pain car

The bonnet has a design that imitated the work title and angel's wings.

Each side is treated with two heroines and a work logo, respectively.

Trunk part. You can see a lot of painful cars that put the display, place the speakers, and arrange figures like this.

"My sister can not be this cute" a pain car. By the way, author of "My sister"Tsukasa FushimiIs a familiar guest who has visited Machi ★ Asobi several times, this time also will come to the stage on the 10th and come to the stage.

Various letters are contained in the side with Togano who is one of the heroines, and it is turned upside down like mirror like on the left and right.

And back. With a fairly sexy illustration, I can not find where I can do my eyes when I arrive behind this car.

A pain car gathered simply in black and white.

It was secretly written as "It is not a paraso !!". By the way, the car model is Daihatsu'sBoone X 4It was certainly not Passo that it was not. Thank you for the information.

It is the latest logo entitled "Machi ★ Asobi vol.7".

Excalibur was placed on the windshield because it was stopped. In addition, Saber is filling up the dashboard.

The driver's seat is full of Saber and Rin.

The back is "Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica"Was the main.

"Try to climb up" and, as you climb, ...

Illustrations on the ceiling. You can see the commitment just as it is not visible in normal position.

When it is called a painful car, eyes tend to be flashy decor, but the important thing is "to embody the work love and character love". For example,HijetIt is also a pain car.

"HAGIWARA YUKIHO" lettering and illustrations on the side. Like a personal shop, it blends very naturally.

BehindMr. ChuyaWhenKyubebeA character like a coalesced one.

Besides this, the owner has prepared all the painful cars that are devised, and on 10th October the exhibition will be held at the summit of Meishan.

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