Microsoft's "Office 365" is made available to students and teachers for free

ByErik Tjallinks

"Microsoft office suite of cloud-based"Office 365It is revealed that it is provided free to some students and teachers.

Students and teachers: You may be eligible to get office for free! | Office Blogs

Some students can have Office 365 provided by school for free, "Student AdvantageMicrosoft has offered a program called "one year ago". In this program the school side had to create an account on behalf of the student or apply for an Office 365 license.

A new program that reduces the burden on such school side is "Get Office 365 - StudentsFor students aged 13 and older, you can check if you can provide Office 365 for free by entering the e-mail address and password you are using at school on the following page.

Get Office 365 - Students

Detailed registration methods etc. are summarized in the following movies.

How to get Office free if you are a student - YouTube

You can install these office suites on up to five PCs, Windows tablets, and iPads with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, plus one terabyte of capacity on OneDrive You can also get it.

From December 1, 2014, the program called Office 365 ProPlus also started, which allows school teachers to use Office 365 for free as well as students.

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