I went to a cafe that is in front of the shop at "Lunch passport Shibuya · Harajuku · Ebisu version" where I can have lunch at 500 yen

Lunch passport is a service that can be eaten at 500 yen for a limited time when lunch at participating stores in the area goes with a book and is in Kochi prefectureRelaxingIt has spread to the whole country, starting with publication in 2011. About 3 months from July 25 (Friday) to October 24 (Friday) 2014 Shibuya, Harajuku, Ebisu can receive similar services "Lunch passport Shibuya, Harajuku, Ebisu version"Is on sale. As I had the opportunity to stay in Tokyo this time, there is a cafe in Udagawa cho in Shibuya "Amber"I went to.

Wonderful eatery! Amber (cafeamber) is using Twitter

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"Shibuya · Harajuku · Ebisu Edition" for lunch passport is 1000 yen including tax. The fixed price of lunch is different depending on the shop, but from lunch of 700 yen to lunch corresponding to 1000 yen becomes 500 yen including tax so if you go roughly 3 or 4 times you can get original.

When you open the page, the rules and manner of lunch passport are written. Particular attention should be paid to "There is an expiration date for lunch passport", "Travelers can not use one person for each book" "There are times when the food can not be ordered because it is sold out" "On Saturdays and Sundays There are shops where passports can not be used "," points up to 3 times per store "points. It is likely that the notes may be different depending on the area where the lunch passport is issued, so it is better to read the first notes well and go early in order to avoid sold out of the dishes.

Arrived at the building with Amber in Shibuya with lunch passport.

The store is on the 6th floor, but there is a pretty signboard with a cup motif near the first floor.

I went to the 6th floor with an elevator.

When you arrive at the shop, cute little goods greet you.

I visited around 15 o'clock, but I was guided a seat after a while because it was full.

The number of seats is 28, but there seems to be a case of waiting for entrance because there are not many counterparts and there are many people visiting alone. Smoking was possible even at lunchtime.

The shape of the seat is basic. Although the interior of the store is somewhat dark, light is inserted in the window seats.

A seat for one person was also prepared. Fu - nashi is also placed.

The sticking picture is also fashionable.

The light bulb is retro feeling, it is quite dark if it is in the back.

This time it was on the lunch passport "Colonyi pork ginger baked set meal dessert set(1,580 yen tax included tax included 500 yen including tax) "order. This lunch passport was the menu with the highest discount rate.

It was seated in the back room that was guided and it was a bit smoky as there were many smokers in the store.

Waiting The menu arrived at less than 10 minutes.

I used a special sauce which Konayi pig's ginger noodle used for 10 years. It is a pig with little cholesterol.

Mayonnaise based dressing is applied to the shredded cabbage.

A small bowl is a leaf ... ...

Two items of burdock burdock.

With miso soup ......

Rice is attached and a set of dessert and drink comes out after meal. Price setting of 500 yen including tax seems to be quite odd.

Ginger omelet with moderately fatty, seasoned seasoned guts like a little taste. A piece of swine is big and has a response, bite and umami spread and the taste of ginger was a little weak.

Excellent compatibility of onion sweetness and sauce. It was finished in the taste that the rice is more likely to eat.

Shredded cabbage was also taply mayonnaise based sauce and there was a volume, even if you eat it together with ginger crab sauce.

Leaves were slightly sour on the bonito soda and gentle and relieved taste.

Kibira burdock was exquisite in saltiness and sweetness, and even though it took a small place, the height of technology of Mr. Osamasa was felt.

Miso soup is a dish of soup which is quite effective and has quality which is not comparable with those of existing products. Mr. Ito Minako's parents' home is Ginza's homeAsakawaAlthough it is a restaurant called "miso soup", I can feel a commitment to a single miso soup.

Cheesecake and ice coffee arrived after meals.

Syrup or cheese cake ......

Whipped cream is included.

Cheese cake is slightly made off-the-shelf compared with dishes. I felt that the richness of cheese was somewhat lower compared to the food I felt, but I felt low quality.

Ice coffee is not heavy and tasteless. It is perfect after a meal.

Lunch passport Shibuya, Harajuku, Ebisu version is until October 24th (Friday), so there are still 2 months to the deadline.Sapporo·Sendai· Nagoya · Hiroshima ·HakataAs books are sold regularly throughout the country, such as in the local bookshop, you may buy and go round a lunch.

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