Movie in misunderstanding whether waffle maker actually was a superstar cooker

ByTim Roth

A coffee machine that makes delicious waffles to be able to enjoy everywhere is a waffle maker, but it is troublesome to make a waffle dough to ferment or it is troublesome to make it unexpectedly, "After having bought a waffle maker for a couple of times ... afterwards ...... There should be many people who say. Using a waffle maker that is often thought of as such a very narrow use, movies that are burning various things are on sale.

Can You Waffle It? - YouTube

First of all, TATER TOTS (TA TATATSU) To cook at the waffle maker.

Coat the surface of the waffle maker with butter.

Put on cold teatuts ... ...

Heat it.

This is what I made. It looks much more delicious than what I expected.

Complete after topping ketchup.

According to the cook, "When you bake Teitatots with a waffle maker you get a hash brown (Hash browns)Became! That thing. Certainly the materials of Tata Tertz and Hash Potato are finely chopped potatoes, so it is a matter of course natural, but it seems to be delicious.

Next I will try grilling the sugar coated donut with a waffle maker.

Donut cut to moderate size ......

It will be like this when you bake at a waffle maker.

It seems that it sticks to the plate part, and it has become a challenge to use a spatula to remove a donut from a waffle maker.

However, it seems that the taste was exceptionally delicious, it was the most delicious among the various ingredients baked at the waffle maker.

Next time it seems to try baking the chocolate chip cookie fabric.

Place it on a waffle maker and heat it. This is also a premonition that seems to be delicious.

Bake-up is like this. Although the fabric has burned in, it is a slightly grilled impression, but if you taste really ......

It seems that it looks delicious, though it looks alright.

This time is the turn of Brownie's fabric.

It seems difficult to distinguish burned because the fabric is black.

The bad feeling is already bad at the baking stage.

This is the finished product. If you think that it is part of Oreo's cookie, it seems not to be unable to eat ... ...

It seems that the taste was also a big failure.

Next time I change my preference from what I've baked so far, eat cheese etc. in tortillasQuesadiyaIt seems to try making with a waffle maker.

Placing the cheese on the tortilla dough ... ...

Another piece of tortilla and heating in a waffle maker a few minutes ... ....

Quesadilla looks tasty somewhat completed.

This seems to have been deliciously eaten. Since it seems that it will not burn the tortilla dough by adjusting the heating time, it looks good at the level where you can think that you want to sell a variety of ingredients and make Quessa Daya waffle.

Next came the cinnamon roll.

First of all, evenly spread the butter over the waffle maker ... ...

Heat with sand.

It is the kore completed. It looks more delicious than I imagined, but I can not predict what kind of taste it is tasted until I eat it, given the experimental results so far.

to thisIcingWe arrange to be able to eat more deliciously.

It is a cinnamon roll that looks pretty close to a waffle, but the person who cooks is also acclaimed that "cinnamon roll has become a wonderful waffle!"

Next time I was to be baked at the waffle makerMacaroni and cheese.

Putting on the petapeta, heating it.

The roasting is like this. Although it looked like a real thing ... ...

It seems that the taste also failed.

I will bake frozen popcorn chicken at the end.

The chicken arranged on top of the trolley and waffle maker.

I'd like to eat it as usual, but it is a waffle maker.

Something that is completely waffle is completed.

It became strange appearance food, but it seems that it was deliciously eaten when syrup was applied.

Usually, it is a waffle maker that would only be used to bake waffle, but when saying "When we get tired of ordinary waffles ..." or "It is almost unused" If you bake an appropriate one, you may get an unexpected waffle waffle.

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