"Big Mac Sushi Roll" that McDonald's Big Mac transformed into sushi appeared, the recipe that anyone can make at home looks like this


Speaking of McDonald 's signboard menu, it is "Big Mac" where Boryumy Patty and special sauce are addictive. The restaurant that Mr. McDonald 's symbolic menu dare arranged to sushi is in Miami, USANoveHiroyuki Terada, a sushi chef who works in Tokyo. Big Mac transformed into sushi "Big Mac Sushi rollHow is it looking and how to make it?

Will It Sushi? - Big Mac - YouTube

So, Mr. Terada who makes sushi appeared.

It is McDonald's' s classic menu to have Mr. Terada challenge this time ......

Creating sushi using Big Mac.

First check the ingredients sandwiched between Big Macs.

In addition to recycling Big Mac's ingredients, we also add tomatoes and avocados and upgraded a little luxuriously.

That's why cooking started. First of all work to divide the Big Mac according to ingredients.

Will Beef Patty be the main ingredient even for Big Mac sushi roll ...?

In the middle sanded buns are plenty of lettuce and special sauce, so I removed it from the buns for the time being.

When processing in the same way, it is divided into 3 pieces of buns × 3 sheets · patty × 2 · special sauce sauce. Sliced ​​cheese sticks to patty but this is OK as it is.

Next, slice each of the buns in half.

And to wind up the six buns ... ...

Set like this. First of all, arrange three buns with no special sauce ......

Below that, arrange the buns with special sauce on it, "Place with source side up" side by side.

Then cover with lap ... ...

Lightly crush the buns with hands.

Then cut the patties like ingredients of rolled sushi ... ...

Arranged above the buns.

Also cut the buns with cheese attached in the same way and arrange them.

Next, paint a lettuce with plenty of special sauce all evenly.

And add the avocado which is not included in Big Mac with chopping it.

Slice the tomato thinly ......

I will arrange them if they are cut into small pieces.

Finally it looks like rolled sushi. "It looks yummy ... this guy is a big mac ... why do you want to tweet without thinking?"

In addition, arrange the French fries that came in with the set.

Pakuti is casually put on tomatoes.

Just wrap it neatly.


Something looked like a hot dog was finished.

When cut into bite-sized ... ...

The section is this finish. It looks like rolled sushi very beautiful, but does not use any rice.

Afterwards with BBQ source ......

Spicy Mayonnaise Sauce ... ...

Completion with vegetables is completed.

The surface of the buns is burnt firmly ... ...

Ingredients wrapped inside are junk foods such as beef patties and potatoes.

Although I actually eat it after cooking, it is unknown what kind of taste it is finished in the impression that the impression only talks as "Good". So it may be good to purchase Big Mac at McDonalds and actually make Big Mac sushi roll.

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