Carbon Fiber Playing Cards, a jet black carbon fiber card with two oranges

Carbon fiber (Carbon fiber) Is ten times stronger than iron despite being lighter than aluminum, it is used not only for aircraft and space development rockets but also for general purposeCarbon fiber made money clipAre also sold. Black deck made of such ultra-rugged material "Carbon Fiber Playing Cards」Finished the project of Kickstarter, the real thing reached the editorial department of GIGAZINE, so I tried to see what kind of cards it was indeed.

Carbon Fiber Playing Cards by Sly Kly - Kickstarter

You can see how two oranges are drawn in one carbon fiber cards from the following movies.

"Carbon Fiber Playing Cards" has two oranges too - YouTube

That is why Carbon Fiber Playing Cards, which was invested by Kickstarter, arrived after entering a dedicated metal case with one deck (52 cards).

The width of the metal case is thicker than the thumb, it is made of aluminum.

There is one hole on the back side.

Kapari and opening it ... ...

A black cardboard made of carbon fiber appears from inside.

I will break packaging.

I tried arranging it all together. The impression that I touched is that it is "hard anyway". If you put it in a bundle and put it in your breast pocket,It seems to protect us from bullets beyond smartphonesEven the atmosphere is felt.

The picture card looks like this. Jokers and spades other than ace is a common picture, but the atmosphere is completely different just being engraved on a black card.

The weight is one deck perfectly 100 g. I feel more weight than paper cards, but the width of one deck overlaid is "slim enough to suspect that there are really 52?"

The spade Ace's handle is the same as the metal case.




King. It is a simple card design but one that you want to keep at home.

The reverse side is cool with a crease pattern unique to carbon fiber.

The card has elasticity of pretty hard one. If you release your hand as it is, you will fly away, but never creases.

When I tried sandwiching the paper between the two supporting points, I can cut the paper like jokeshiki and scissors.

Although it is hardness and thinness to hurt my fingers while cutting the card, all of the border seems to be okay because it is all processed smoothly.

In addition, you can see how you tried the classic shuffle at the cards from the following movie. Anyhow it's hard, so even people who are used to it might be difficult to shuffle cleanly.

Rifle · shuffle is difficult with "Carbon Fiber Playing Cards" - YouTube

Next time, "I wonder if it will be cut off if it's about fruit ... ..." so I bought a banana and orange.

Where you actually have bananas cut with cards is available for viewing in the following movies.

'Carbon Fiber Playing Cards' can cut bananas - YouTube

When I put in a terrible blade (?), It was soaked and broke.

Subsequently, when I thought that "Orange is unlikely to be impossible" like a sawtooth playing cards, I was able to make the oranges two in just one trump. I fought hard because the oranges were bigger than the cards, but hardness does not matter at all.

It is made of carbon fiber, so if it gets soiled with water it will be ok but it is convenient to the ground.

Carbon Fiber Playing Cards had become a terrible carbon fiber card trump that it was possible to cut fruits if it took it outdoors, not to mention design.

In addition, after Kickstarter's project, it seems that we do not sell as a product, but the author has published the past project results on the website. If you want to get the following page, new information may be updated someday.

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