Ultra heavy carbon fiber black trump card "Carbon Fiber Playing Cards"

Utilizing the characteristics of the material that is very strong but very lightweight,stationeryTo aircraft, even to the space rocketCarbon fiber (carbon fiber)The cards made with "Carbon Fiber Playing Cards"is.

Carbon Fiber Playing Cards by Sly Kly - Kickstarter

A movie that shows what kind of cards "Carbon Fiber Playing Cards" is.

A black trumpet is contained in a plastic case.

Taking out one sheet is not black, it looks like a checkered pattern.

Carbon fiber cards said to be lighter than aluminum and harder than steel can not be torn even if they are grasped with both hands or broken.

Even if I tried to bend hard ... ...

I returned to the form of the former. It is rather hard to break, and even if it gets dirty it will not be a problem at all even if washing with soap and so on.

There are several kinds of processing on the card. This is a mat processing which does not reflect much light.

Of gross processing whose surface looks shiny

What was shimmering with blue lame

Up to the red lame processing card appeared.

The back side is also the same processing.

The deck is divided according to the type of processing.

The design of the cards looks like this and the color is red ......

Two colors of white. The design itself is not much different from that of a general card.

The reverse side is black.

If you invest 120 dollars (about 12,500 yen) into the project of Kickstarter, you can get a deck of carbon fiber mat or gloss finished in a plastic case.

With a capital of 140 dollars (about 14,500 yen), you can get a deck of carbon fiber mat or gross processing cards in a metal case, shipping outside the United States will cost $ 18 (about 1800 yen) Is required.

Furthermore, at the time of article writing, it collected 50,295 dollars (about 5.53 million yen) exceeding the contribution target amount of 35,000 dollars (about 3,650,000 yen), and it is sure to commercialize. When the total amount of investment reached 60,000 dollars (about 6.26 million yen), production of a blue lamé processing trump is decided ... ...

By reaching $ 80,000 (approx. 835 million yen), red lame processing cards will be produced as well. Also, after Kickstarter's project is over, we are planning to sell all kinds of matte · gloss · blue lame · red lame.

Shipping is planned for May 2014, and the deadline of investment is 3:55 am on January 8, 2014 in Japan time.

◆ 2014/01/09 9:26 Addendum

Project acceptance has been closed, but from the form below, "Court Cards (set of carbon Ace · King · Queen · Jack)" is $ 20 (about 2000 yen), "Royal Flush Ace · King · Queen · Jack · 10) "is 25 dollars (about 2600 yen)," Car deck of card deck with plastic case "120 dollars (about 12,500 yen)," Car deck of card deck Case included) '140 dollars (about 14,600 yen) can be ordered.

Post Kickstarter Backerkit Info - Carbon Fiber Playing Cards

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Carbon Fiber Playing Cards, a jet black carbon fiber card with two oranges - GIGAZINE


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