I have been eating colorful shaved ice using natural materials with "Trees and roots" in Kyoto

Rainbow shaved ice etc seems to be a little bad for the body, but the daily utensil store and cafe room in KyotoTrees and roots"We offer colorful shaved ice sticking to natural materials. I went to the shop because the appearance was beautiful.


Arrived at the shop.

Trees and roots are tenants entering the first floor. A lot of people are waiting for holidays in some cases.

There was a picture of the target shaved ice. The syrup of shaved ice seems to change depending on the day.

When the tea room is full, these stickers are stuck. If you tell the staff your name and phone number, we will contact you when the seat is empty. It was noon on weekdays this time but waited for about 30 minutes.

The inside of the shop looks like this and the back is a coffee shop.

There were plenty of equipment for sale.

Not only for vessels but also for women were sold.

We also make homemade syrup for shaved ice.

I went into the coffee room at once. The seats are about eight seats, and it seems that shooting room is basically prohibited except for cooking in the cafe room.

There are cheesecake, muffin, today's soup in the menu, but when visiting, all the customers were asking for shaved ice.

Today's shaved ice syrup has white beans on the raw squeeze of white peach vanilla wine boiling, plum syrup, mango raw squeeze, kiwi, with hoji tea set. Order immediately.

Shaking ice (1000 yen including tax) arrives in about 10 minutes to wait. Although it is colorful as seen from the front ......

Even colorful from the back. The height was slightly higher than iPhone 5.

On the shaved ice is boiled white peach vanilla wine and white beans

Strawberry is a standard staple to say red syrup, but plum is used.

Yellow is mango.

The syrup of kiwi contained black seeds.

First of all, when we try to eat wine boiled on white peach vanilla on top of it, the taste of wine and vanilla is felt on soft peppered peach, and it comes out at a pastry shop etc.compoteI feel like.

The white bean seems to have a delicious flavor.

The shaved ice was soft and collapsed when I tried to scoop with a spoon.

Plum seems not to contain too much sugar, you can enjoy the taste of sweet and sour plum. Plum in syrup is not something used so much, so it feels a little fresh.

Kiwi does not seem to contain much sugar, it is a gentle taste that made use of the material. A new feeling that the bubble wrapped texture of the seed is not in the existing shaved ice.

Mango also has a faint acid taste, and it seems that sugar is contained a little to save the material. I felt sour taste stronger than sweet taste, compatibility with ice was outstanding.

Ice is a soft texture, but it is slightly earlier to melt.

Finally to a mixed juice condition. This can drink deliciously with this.

Complete food. Although it was somewhat bulky, I could eat it easily in a perfect amount for a snack at 15 o'clock.

After the shaved ice, I will drink Hoji tea to warm a little cold body. It is a nice place to be in a set.

Trees and roots are open from 12 o'clock to 17 o'clock and regular holidays are Wednesday and Thursday. Because the shops are crowded during the summer it seems better to inquire in advance. It is especially recommended for those who like fruits.

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