I went to the longest salt cave in the world as if it was made of snow

Speaking of the superb view of salt,Uyuni salt lake in BoliviaAlthough it is famous, Iran has the longest salt cave in the world.

Hello!World newspaperA special reporterTaira Hiroyukiis. I used to teach at junior high and high school as a science teacher before me around the world. When this trip is over, we are planning to go to the teacher's way in earnest. Therefore, one of the aims of this trip is "finding science neta" that we can talk to children in the future.

This time I visited the state that there is a longest salt cave in the world on Geshim Island in Iran.

The place is where you marked the asterisk (red line is overland, blue line moves by air).

◆ Train moving gracefully with tea
I went to Gheshim Island to transfer a train and a ship from Tehran, the capital of Iran. The place is about 20 hours. At that time the sleeping train on board was nice and I will introduce it for a while. Tehran station is as fine as the picture.

It is a state of the station premises. The ticket was 716,000 real (about 2900 yen).

When you enter the vehicle there are about 10 rooms, each with 4 seats installed.

Sweets and tea are provided in the seats ... ...

When we depart, the conductor brings hot water and starts tea time.

The view from the train running in the wilderness was majestic, it was a very luxurious time with sunset.

By the way, in the evening, the bed stored on the seat is drawn out, the seat becomes the lower row and lying down like a bunk bed.

When you come by train to the opposite street Bandare Abbas, you change to a ship and arrive in Geshim Island in about an hour.

Again, this island is in a position relationship. Dubai is in front of you.

◆ Geshim Island Geopark
Geshum Island was registered as the first Geopark in the Middle East in 2005. Geopark is the geopark network according to the "A place familiar to geo (earth) learning geo, a place to enjoy geotourism"Well looking at the mountains and rivers, noticing its origins and mechanisms, places to consider ecosystems and relationships with human lifeThat thing. I also believe that the World Natural Heritage was academically specialized because of UNESCO's support.

However, because it did not comply with the management rules of Geopark by UNESCO,Geshim Island has been deregistered.

Departure for Geopark-friendly tour
As you can see from the fact that it was registered in the geopark, there are many spots that Geshum Island has not only a salt cave but also other naturally familiar spots.

I applied for a tour on the day I arrived. We will ride on the minibus and go around the island, but Geshim Island often comes across the scenery that is amazing just by running on the road.

This is a mangrove forest. This mangrove forestHaving an area of ​​about one tenth of the islandIt is also said. Also, according to Mr. Funato, it seems that you can also do dolphin watching in this mangrove forest if the time matches.

And the tourist attraction is "Valley of the starsIt is called a place called. Here are the strange rocks formed by weathering erosion.

How about it, compare with me I know its vastness.

Located in TurkeyCappadociaIt makes me remind you. We also toured 2 other places.

◆ Aim at the salt cave
Well, the next day I will head to the salt cave. But there is no tour or bus. Furthermore, because the road is rough, we must chart a dedicated car. As it was about 8000 yen I went hitchhiking to a nearby town and decided to charter the car there. By the way, Iran is sure that the hitchhikeru culture is not penetrated, you will certainly be asked for money, so let's check if there is no need to exchange money in advance.

I got four cars from the town called Geshum and arrived in the city called Salak in the nearest two hours and succeeded in car charter. Still it took 700,000 real (about 2800 yen).

This is the driver who took over and (perhaps) that wife. The mask worn by the wife is a traditional costume called Bandary in the southern part of Iran, especially when older women are wearing when going out.

◆ Crystal of salt was spreading like snow in front of the cave
Proceed on a rough road without pavement. On both sides of the road, the cliffs, etc., where the sharp shapes resulting from the differences in brittleness of the layers were left at the top spread, and here also the scenic strata were observable.

After running for about an hour the car will stop and I will tell you that the driver is here. Apparently, there is no guidance to the cave. When I got out of the car, there was crystal of salt spreading on one side.

I am lying down (laugh).

I folded the edges and tried to check the salt.

As I walk through this one side of the crystal, salt water like Ogawa flows from where I came from. I felt the concentration was very dark when I licked it. It seems that pure white salt looks like snow, and it seems as if she could have met in the melting of snow in early spring.

The crystal of snow was like a human brain when it became big.

◆ Sneak into the cave
As you follow the stream, holes are open all the way.

I climbed it and looked into it ... there was! It is the entrance of the cave. Salads of hanging from above create exclusive coldness.

I will come in immediately. Then the inside of the cave was covered with crystals of pure white salt on all sides, it was a beauty that was unspeakable. However, it was darker than I expected to go about 1 meter and I could only see a few centimeters ahead with one headlight. The picture is of the ceiling.

It is a promise to see the taste (laugh).

Looking back at the entrance, the breathtaking scenery was spreading.

It is like this when I stand.

As we go further, it gets darker and narrower. Is the height about 60 cm? Immerse your legs in the creek and you can not move forward if you do not crouch. As I got about 10 meters, the lights were not enough at all and I decided to give up as I felt terror.

This salt cave is said to be the longest in the world with a length of 6.5 km. Although it was possible to observe up to 100 m, it was not something that I could easily go alone by myself. You can see more mysterious behind in the following video.

World's Longest Salt Cave in Iran's Qeshm - YouTube

◆ Why can salt caves be made
This place is located on a gentle salt hill called the rock salt dome. The altitude is 397 m. First of all, we can cave for reasons such as crustal deformation. Afterwards, when it rains, it will soak into the rock salt dome and penetrate down while taking in salt. When it reaches the cave, it can crystallize again and you can get an icicle of salt. Also, the stream that I saw seems to be rainwater soaked in, and it gushed out.

Geshum Island

Therefore, since it is possible to generate crystals in the cave from both the upper and lower sides, it seems that all sides become caves surrounded by salt. When I saw my shoes after leaving the cave, the salt was crystallized.

◆ Finally
In this time, I felt that the sights which have not been touristized so far are unusual. That's why it's a recommended place for adventurous lovers. Also within three yearsIt seems that a bridge is established between the mainland of Iran and Geshim Island, so that it will be able to go directly by train or busIt seems. If you have the opportunity to go to Iran, why do not you visit Geshum Island with a big flashlight?

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