I tried using "Diai AR" that Hatsune Miku appears on the smartphone and he can sing the original song and dance with himself

Eye drop effective for tired eyes of modern people who live while utilizing various digital devices "Roth Dejia"Dejia × Hatsune Miku" project which Miku Hatsune collaborated has started. In this project, if you load the package of Roth デ ジ イ by smartphone you will be able to enjoy AR live of Hatsune Miku "Deiji ARIt is delivering an application called "Hatsune Miku", so it seems that you can enjoy the latest songs of Hatsune Miku, so I tried it at once.

Hatsune Miku AR LIVE | Roth Dejiai

The official movie of Dezai X Hatsune Miku Project is like this, creating "Hatsune Miku AR LIVE" Behind the scenes is getting glimpse of the scenes.

Dezai x Hatsune Miku Project Movie - YouTube

Dezai AR can be installed free on the App Store and Google Play.

Dehay AR for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently on the iTunes App Store

Deiji AR - Google Play's Android application

So I decided to install Dezai AR on my iPhone. Applications can be installed free of charge.

Tap "Install".

Then tap "Open".

Then the application starts and the Hatsune Miku becomes the screen with the Roth Diai, so you can tap the screen anywhere.

Tap "LIVE STAGE" at the bottom of the start screen.

Here you will see precautions and so on when viewing AR Live so read firmly. When live, tap "PHOTO MODE" displayed in the upper right of the screen, the live pauses and you can take a screen shot.

Also, when the live begins, it seems that you should not move the package of the Roth Daisy that is shown on the camera of the smartphone.

And if you want to reset the AR space, you should OK if you shake the terminal. Tap "ENTER" because you are ready to enjoy battle live after reading so far.

The camera will start up.

It is OK if you shoot the package of Roth デ ジ ヤ, but if there is no packagePackage PDFIt is OK even after printing.

When this is reflected in the application ... ...

The live of "Do not shake with eyes" starts.

Hatsune Miku's AR live seen at Deiji AR looks like this.

Looking at the AR Live of Hatsune Miku at Deiji AR, it looks like this - YouTube

At the start of the live, Hatsune Miku whose image quality is coarse appears, but when it comes to the middle stage Miku turned into a high-quality one at a stroke, singing in the screen of his smartphone as if it just jumped out of the package I dance and move around. The state of the live is free and can be played any number of times, it is also a nice point to be able to see the live from various viewpoints by moving the camera.

In addition, when you tap "PHOTO MODE" during live, the screen like this rises ... ...

By tapping "EFFECT COLOR" "STAGE COLOR" "CHEMICAL LIGHT COLOR" you can change the color of the effect displayed around Hatsune Miku.

And, by tapping the camera icon, you can save live appearance as an image with this feeling, so you can shoot a picture from your favorite angle with Pasha Pasha.

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