Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics, whether the battle outbreak related to patent royalty payment

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Microsoft said on August 1, 2014 that it filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics in the United States District Court for the State of New York on the official website, saying he did not pay the royalties on Android smartphones.

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Microsoft vs. Samsung

It was in 2011 that Microsoft signed a license agreement with Samsung Electronics. Although the details of the license agreement are not disclosed, the agreement between the two companies is "About the royalty fee for patents on Android-based devices"GuessIt is being done.

Originally, "patent royalty on Android device" is a patent fee that Microsoft receives from Android-based smartphone manufacturers, manufacturers pay patent fee to Microsoft according to the number of Android terminals manufactured, That amount is¥ 197 billion annuallyIt is said to be said to also become.

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This time Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics said that there was a period when Samsung Electronics had delayed payment of the license fee of the license agreement signed in 2011 and that it sought to pay the patent fee and interest for that period The fundamental reason. Microsoft's David Howard vice president said, "Although we have established an effective relationship for a long time with Samsung Electronics, there are parts that we could not agree on, but it is a shame but it was like this time "I mentioned on the official website.

Samsung Electronics claimed that "Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia is contrary to the terms of the contract between us and Microsoft, we have stopped paying the patent fee." Meanwhile, Microsoft criticizes that the agreement between the two companies was invalidated by the acquisition of Nokia or that Samsung should have confirmed the court.

Approximately 50% of all Android terminals circulating around the world,Produced by the manufacturer with license agreement with MicrosoftSamsung Electronics has produced about 82 million Android terminals in 2011, but since then the number of production has continued to increase, exceeding 314 million units in 2014. Microsoft is criticizing that "Samsung Electronics pretends not to pay the unexpectedly increased royalty fees for Android handsets, but as a pretext to violate the contract by Nokia's acquisition."

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It is noteworthy what kind of response Samsung will respond to Microsoft's case.

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