After eating curry simmered udon, you can eat up to rice cooker and change free potato and unlimited "鯱 市"

One famous item of Nagoya specialty is "Miso Braised Udon", and there are many established long-established stores in Nagoya that have been dozens of years. One of them, "Yamamotoya Main Store" is a miso-boiled udon specialty shop that was founded in 1907, but it is not limited only to miso-boiled udon, a curry-boiled udon specialty shop "鯱 市"It is said that it is bothered me, so I actually went to eat.

Curry simmered udon 鯱 市

Arrived in 鯱 City in Osu, Naka-ku Naka-ku.

The opening hours are from 11 o'clock to 20 o'clock and the lunch time is from 11 o'clock to 15 o'clock.

A bicycle was standing against the stand in front of the shop.

There is no table seat in the woodgraining on the first floor. There was also a seat on the second floor.

There are various kinds of curry - udon noodles such as chicken curry - simmered udon and pork curry - boiled udon in the menu.

There was curry rice besides curry simmered udon, but ordered curry simmered udon of 770 yen including tax.

Potato chips came as an appetizer for some reason. Potato chips can be redeemed for free.

Wait for a curry simmered udon while eating potato chips.

The curry simmered udon which entered the pot in about 5 minutes was brought to the table.

It has onions and onion.

Soup produces a deep flavor with a steadily sorbent bonito soup and vegetable sweetness and spicy spice. It is not a soup that I tried very much and it is rather smooth.

Udon is solid enough not to collapse even if you lift it with chopsticks. If you prefer something a bit more soft, let me tell you when ordering, it will adjust.

When you eat curry simmered udon, you will be surprised at the firmness of udon and Kosi. Strong compatibility between hard udon and soup with bonito soup. You can eat slurp and udon.

I asked for 200 yen of rice with tax separately from curry stewed udon. Please note that rice is free at lunchtime.

Crush potato chips into rice and sprinkle it ... ...

If you put soup of curry-stewed udon on top of it ......

Immediately cooked rice cooked.

People who say "It is time to put soup on rice" is OK even if you put the rice directly into the pot.

It is also ant to eat curry rice cook for curry simmered udon noodles.

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