Jumping Sumo "mini dragon which can be steered while watching the image of the camera with a smartphone was touched before release

IPhone / iPad becomes a controller quad copter "AR Drone 2"Parrot selling it will be a new product in August 2014Ultra compact drone "Rolling Spider" and ground running robot "Jumping Sumo"We are announcing that it is planning to launch. It is possible to get a quad copter or a ground running robot at a price of 20,000 yen or less, but since we were able to borrow both of them before the launch this time, firstly the ground running robot "Jumping SumoI tried to operate with the real machine of Alecolle.

Experience infinite running and jumping at Parrot's Mini Drones Jumping Sumo!

Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo official video

◆ Jumping Sumo body
This is the body of Jumping Sumo. Features two large wheels mounted on the left and right.

The front face of the main body looks like a grazing face.

It is possible to customize this part to your liking using the attached sticker. In addition, the main body color can choose three colors "black & red" "khaki & yellow" "white & black".

And the center part of the face is equipped with a wide angle camera, the image captured by this camera is transferred to the smartphone connected directly by Wi-Fi, and it is structured to be able to steer while watching the actual video.

The body part has become height which can fit completely on the left and right wheels.

The wheels are made of a soft sponge-like material and seem to be absorbing the impact of jumping together with a flexible wheel.

The widths of the left and right tires are made to be easily adjustable, and it is possible to spread or narrow by just pulling with a hand like this. If you increase the width, stable running at high speed becomes possible, and if you store it narrowly it will be able to slip even in narrow places with small turning ability.

The rear part of the car is equipped with a spring mount system for use in jumping. By unleashing the power we put in the spring, we can jump up to a height of 80 cm at the maximum.

A lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 550 mAh is installed at the top of the car body. It is possible to run in 15 to 20 minutes with this one.

◆ Pilot application "FreeFlight 3"(Note: because it is the screen before release, it may be different from the product version)
The application screen that operates Jumping Sumo is here. When you slide the button in the lower left of the screen up and down, the car goes forward and backward, and it makes it cornering by tilting the smartphone left and right. The cross-shaped button on the bottom right is a button for operating right and left 90 ° rotation and 180 ° rotation.

A movie that I actually tried running Jumper Sumo is here. You can see how the images captured by the camera are displayed on the screen of the smartphone with almost no delay. As you can see from the scene the wheel is spinning on the way, a powerful motor is mounted, the maximum speed is 7 km / h.

I ran the "Parrot Jumping Sumo" while watching the screen of the smartphone

And on the right side of the screen is a button to use the jumping ability boasted by Jumping Sumo. You can use the mode to jump over the gap and the mode to jump to the maximum height of 80 cm.

If that is the case, first of all let me show the power of the long jump. I tried to arrange two tables and make a gap of 80 cm.

It is also what I say while setting it myself, but there is a fair distance ...

A movie that actually tried each jump is here. Jumping Sumo who took in power along with the sound "じ ぃ い ぃ ぃ ぃ ぃ" jumped over the gap as "bind!" In a stroke.

"Parrot Jumping Sumo" jumps over the gap of 80 cm

Next, I decided to try out high abilities. The height of the prepared table is about 73 cm.

It has become such a height that it looks just right ... ...

This also spectacularly landed on the table. Furthermore, it was that it was able to jump up to the height of 80 cm at maximum with the manufacturer's description.

"Parrot Jumping Sumo" jumps onto a table with a height of 73 cm

Also, with the application "FreeFlight 3", you can also pull out acrobatics such as "spin", "tap", "slowshake" just by tapping the button on the screen.

Here is a movie of trying out all such acrobatics skills. It was Jumping Sumo to show off his skills in the order of "spin" "tap" "slowshake" "metronome" "wave" "spin jump" "slalom".

Numbers of "Acrobatics" of "Parrot Jumping Sumo"

Furthermore, in the product version, it is also possible to record and shoot camera images. Jumping Sumo was able to move in various ways, and it became a robot that moved expressively with various sounds. In the movie by the following manufacturer, thisJumping SumoAnd its brothers "Rolling Spider'S attractiveness is introduced.

Parrot MiniDrones Jumping Sumo & Rolling Spider - Connected Toys!

The price of Parrot Mini Drones "Jumping Sumo" is 19,800 yen (including tax), and it is scheduled to be released in August 2014 at the Apple Store, home appliance mass merchandisers, Amazon and KYOSHO online shop.

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