Parrot's mini drones that can run and fly even in the dark with LED lights Jumping and Airborne 11 models launched immediately before release

Drone "Bebop Drone" that can be pilotedOr, it can be said to be a groundbreaking presence of DroneAR Drone 2"Parrot, which has released a lot of models such as" equipped with high-power LED lights and cameras, can also maneuver in the dark "Jumping"Series, as well as flight possible in the dark even with LED light"AirborneSeries, and hybrid aircraft hybrid robot "Hydrofoil" series will appear on September 18, 2015. Since I was able to borrow the real machine before the release of the "Jumping" series and "Airborne" series this time, I decided to actually run and skip the mini drones that I can enjoy it even at home.


Parrot's "MiniDrones" series has a lineup of compact drones that can be literally held with one hand. The new product of this timeJumping SumoYaRolling SpiderIt has become a model which added new performance by improving.

I piloted Jumping and Airborne
Anyway, I actually tried Jumping and Airborne on a smartphone. Try running around Jumping, jump, and you can easily see how to fly Airborne in the room in the following movie. I tried skipping in the room this time, but I was surprised to see that it made it fly easier to beat quickly.

Running the Parrot mini drone "Jumping" series and "Airborne" series and flying away - YouTube

If you try lighting the LED light of Jumping, it looks like this. It has enough brightness to run in the dark.

When you shoot with a movie camera, it appears dark, but the actual brightness is this image.

The LED light of Airborne also glows as brightly as it is. Because the maximum speed is higher than Jumping, it may be unexpectedly difficult to fly in the dark until it gets caught.

◆ "Jumping" series
"Jumping" is a ground running robot that holds tires larger than the body on the left and right, performs rotation and rushing, zigzag traveling and turning 90 degrees, and overcomes the height of 80 cm in height and jumps over the distance of 80 cm. Jumping further states "Jumping Night"When"Jumping RaceThere are two types, each of which is divided into a dark compatible type and a highest speed type. Operation of the car body is an application for smartphone / tablet "FreeFlight 3"Use the.

· "Jumping Night"
"Jumping Night" is a night vision-compatible robot with two brightness-adjusted high-power LEDs on the front. From the left "Diesel", "Buzz", "Marshall" three colors are available. The price is 25,800 yen (tax excluded).

Blue keynote "Diesel"

"Buzz" which was given a design like a rivet on a white base

And yellow base accent seems to be strong on the red base "Marshall".

At the center of the front is a camera to shoot the front, LED pilot lamps to the left and right of the camera, and a pair of LED lights to the outside. Speakers and microphones are set on the top and bottom of the camera, and like the general robot it expresses the mood of "warning sound" "silence" "dissatisfaction" with sounds. Also, it is also interesting that you can talk to a place away from playing audio from the speaker by speaking from the earphone microphone of the smartphone.

The rear part of the car is like this. Because the left and right are sandwiched between huge tires, Jumping has been made to lift from the tire to absorb shock no matter where it falls.

Equipped with a bar to jump at the rear part of the car body with a recoil reaction that squeezed the car body gently. It is possible to jump the height and distance of 80 cm by the force of the spring.

Decorative stickers are included in the package, so you can finish them to your liking car body. All the car bodies of this time are pasted stickers.

It is a tire with prominent huge but it is also a point that can change the width. The mode in which the left tire has been expanded is focused on stability, the right compact mode is in mode that emphasizes the high mobility that can enter small spots and narrow spots.

Each 4 GB flash memory is built in the main body so that you can save images and images captured by the camera. The maximum speed is 7 km / h.

· "Jumping Race"
And another type of Jumping is "Race" equipped with thick tires to enjoy high power running. As its name suggests, the maximum speed has been drastically raised. The price is 26,800 yen excluding tax.

"Jett" with a flare pattern depicting a flame

The crest of the shield to the crimson body and the "Max" with the car number "1" are like designs like the F1 machine.

And "Tuk-Tuk" with yellow and black plaid designs are available in 3 different designs.

The most conspicuous thing is the extremely thick tire with about twice the width of Night. Moreover, since the surface tread pattern (pattern) has become a slick tire specification which is not inscribed, the lacy atmosphere drifts as a bit.

Similarly, the width of the tire can be set to two kinds. However, it is a very thick tire, so I'd like to enjoy the cornering by expanding the width of the tire as well.

Race's maximum speed is about twice as fast as 13 km / h and Night. Due to the tire becoming bigger, the jumping performance is reduced by a little as 75 cm at the maximum.

◆ "Airborne" series
The Airborne series is an ultralight type quad-cotter type flying robot with a minimum weight of just 54 grams. With LED light with luminous intensity adjustment function "Airborne Night", A pilot figure and a block toy, etc., a transportable drone that can carry a variety of things and carry itAirborne CargoThere are two types of line-up, Jumping as well as the application "FreeFlight 3"You can control using.

· "Airborne Night"
Airborne Night has three different colors. You can attach a hull (protective guard) to the four rotors, as shown in the picture. The price is 17,800 yen without tax.

"Blaze" with a sharp eye on the red fuselage is impressive

It was written "S. W. A.T." with a punctuation character on a black painted aircraft, its name is also "SWAT".

Equipped with two LED lights under a glowing green eye.

And 3 designs of "Maclane" written as "POLICE" on the blue aircraft are on line.

Airborne Night can be flighted in the dark by mounting a high-power white LED. It is also possible to adjust the brightness of the headlight. The maximum speed is 18 km / h, the time during which it is possible to fly with one charge is 9 minutes at the time of non-installation of hull. Batteries can be charged in 25 minutes if you use an optional quick charger.

· "Airborne Cargo"
And this is "Airborne Cargo" where you can load your luggage in the roof part. The basic design is the same as Night, but a platform for cargo loading is installed. The price is 13,800 yen without tax.

"MARS" with white and gray body

And "Travis" with a checkered pattern on the yellow body. Cargo has such a figure set ... ...

It is designed to be able to load figures like a Lego block with unevenness in the roof. In addition, figures are not particularly useful because they can not be moved even by using an application, but do not think too deeply.

It is about this size when you put the aircraft in hand. Because it is too light, it is a level that I say "eh" without thinking when I first have it.

At the bottom of the aircraft there is a built-in sensor for measuring ground clearance and a camera for ground photography.

And this time we did not make it in time for review, but a hybrid robot for water and sky "Parrot Hydrofoil" has also appeared.

◆ Application "FreeFlight 3"
Jumping and Airborne's aircraft are designed to pilot using the application "FreeFlight 3". The screen that operates Jumping looks something like this, moving forward and backward by moving the white circle on the left side and turning the handle by tilting the terminal left or right. In the middle is a switch for LED lights and a slide for brightness adjustment, and the cross on the right side is a lever for doing 90 ° turn and 180 ° turn.

And Airborne's control screen looks like this. There are buttons for controlling by placing the thumb on the left and right, on the left side, you operate up / down and right turn / left turn of the airframe, and on the right side make forward and reverse of the airframe and horizontally move in the left / right direction Can. Furthermore, by double-tapping the center of the screen, you can now perform action "flip" with a single touch that gently revolves the aircraft forward and backward and right and left on the spot.

"Jumping", "Airborne", and "Hydrofoil" series newly added to Parrot's MiniDrones series will be available on September 18th (at the Kyosho online shop at home electronics mass retailers such as Apple stores, Amazon stores, Yodobashi cameras and Bic cameras It is on sale on Friday. | Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Night Wide Angle Camera & Microphone Speaker with Two-Wheel Robot Diesel (Navy) 【Japanese Genuine】 | Hobby Mail Order | Parrot Mini Drone Airbone Night Quad Copter McLane (Navy) 【Japanese Genuine】 | Hobby Mail Order | Parrot Mini Drones Hydrofoil Water Sky Dual Robot New Z (White) 【Japanese Genuine】 | Hobby Mail Order

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