Everyone can easily enjoy drone racing "Kyosho DRONE RACER" I tried challenging the race

From the long-established manufacturer Kyosho, known for R / C cars, the concept of enjoying drones by anyone easy operation "Drone Racer"Has appeared. It is not a stick type controller used in a common drone but it can be operated with a wheel type controller of the same type as the R / C car and three drones arrive that the aircraft will take over the difficult operation arbitrarily without permission, I started challenging the drone race with the editorial staff.

Kyosho RC Model 1/18 Scale Radio Control Drone Racer DRONE RACER G - ZERO (Drone Racer Giesero) Dynamic White Lady Set 20571 W - Drone - RC Helicopter · Drone

Kyosho RC Model 1/18 scale Radio Control Drone Racer DRONE RACER ZEPHYR (Drone Racer Zephyr) Force Black Lady Set 20572 BK - Drone - RC Helicopter · Drone

Drone Racer I borrowed that. Two types of body with different body design and color are prepared.

The body wearing the "Dynamic White" of the white tone is named "DRONE RACER G - ZERO".

And the aircraft painted on the black "Force Black" is "DRONE RACER ZEPHYR". Both are designed like a formula machine, the rear has a wing that gives a lacy atmosphere.

One of the features of Drone Racer is this wheel type transmitter (controller). If you are accustomed to R / C cars that run on tires, you will be drifting even if you do not think about anything anymore.

On the top of the controller, trims that tickle the hearts of radio controlled boys. It is also possible to make fine adjustment of the aircraft, but it is OK even if you skip anything without touching.

The hand under operation is like this. Just by controlling the side slip and steering of the aircraft by turning the wheel with the left forefinger in front of and behind the aircraft and with the right hand. After that, by manipulating the 3 step switch around the thumb of the left hand, "Landing" "altitude 35 cm" "altitude 60 cm" is kept automatically.

That is why I actually skipped it from the following movie. Two of the editorial staff who participated this time were so-called "Mizuno Musume", but gradually it was getting a knack while gradually operating for 15 minutes.

Kyosho "Drone Racer" Three units to try the drone race Challenging it considerably - YouTube

Enjoying the flight as well as enjoying the drone race Drone Racer can also change the color of the LED to avoid confusion with other players. The front propeller unit is equipped with a full color LED that can be changed to six colors: blue, white, light blue, peach, green, yellow. In addition, the propeller unit on the rear side has an indicator built in to check the condition of the aircraft in color. Also, the tip of the fuselage is equipped with a headlight of white LED, and the rear end is equipped with tail light of red LED.

The body which removed the cowl is very slim design like this. Dare not to reach high altitude, equipped with various safety functions, and the weight of the aircraft is only about 130 grams, Drone Racer is not subject to the regulation of the aeronautical law, if it is outside a specific prohibited area You can freely make a flight.

At the center of the fuselage is equipped with a setting switch, an expansion connector, and a micro-USB terminal that can be connected to a PC to tune the operability. In addition, we have an infrared LED that works with a dedicated lap counter.

The motor adopts a super small brushless motor and drives the propeller through gears. Since the guard is attached to the propeller, the danger at the time of a collision is suppressed.

Space for battery storage on the bottom of the aircraft. Using a dedicated Li-Po battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh, you can flight about 10 minutes with 1 charge. By the way, using the included USB charger, you can charge the battery until it is full in 1 to 2 hours.

The battery could be stored in the airframe with this feeling like this.

The angle of the propeller can be changed to "0 degrees", "10 degrees", "20 degrees" by using the attached parts. With this, you can change from stability emphasis to speed oriented setting.

In the normal state, the propeller is in a horizontal state like this. In the setting of stability priority type, all of the above movies were skipped in this setting.

"10 degrees" makes it look like this ...

To the most extreme "20 degrees", the propeller leans forward so far.

Here is the state that it actually skipped to 20 degrees and skipped. Since it accelerates vigorously from the moment you take off, it is advantageous for the race but if you do not operate it properly it will definitely crash → retire the high risk · high return aircraft.

Drone Racer's propeller set to 'fastest setting' has become a great thing - YouTube

For those who want to further set the setting, it is possible to make detailed settings by using the dedicated software "Drone Racer Setting Manager" on the PC.

The setting screen looks something like this. In addition to various settings, you can register users and update firmware. Furthermore, it is possible to get and reflect power-up items by making user settings and by participating in various events.

Software is provided for Windows, and it is planned that Android version will be provided in the future.

Kyosho | DRONE RACER SETTING MANAGER | Enjoy the Drone Racer Setting Manager!

Like this, Drone Racer was a model that allowed to easily enjoy drone racing. The editorial staff in charge of the article have experienced a lot of drones before, but the operability of Drone Racer which can be operated intuitively literally was completely different from other models. Drone Racer specialized in being able to enjoy anywhere as long as attention to surrounding safety is not too fast, too high, too high speed may be a model that provides fun to the most popular users perhaps ... ... It came to feel.

Kyosho "Drone Racer" is a fixed price of 26,000 yen (excluding tax)Kyosho online storeIt is on sale for example. About 20% of the price in the first half of 20,000 yen was attached at Amazon.

Amazon | DRONE RACER G - ZERO (Drone Racer G - Zero) Dynamic White Readyset Drone Not regulated Excluded under 200 g Auto Hovering Drone Race Quad Co - Proter | RC Model · Drone Mail Order

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