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ScribdThere are several document sharing services like, but you can permanently store PDF files with free, no registration required, no advertising pear, non-profit management, and you can embed them in your blog and share it with "PDFy"is.

Upload - PDFy - Instant PDF Host

To upload the PDF file, click "Click to upload" on the top page. It supports PDF files up to 100 MB.

Or you can drag and drop files.Yokohama City Living GuideTry uploading the PDF file.

Please check either "Public" or "Unlisted (only people who know the URL)" and click "Continue your upload".

When the upload is completed it will be displayed as follows.

You can download the file by pressing 'PDF' ....

If you want to embed it in a blog etc, paste the tag under "Embed this document" OK.

When pasting it is like this.

If you want to show it to someone, copy it and tell me it's ok.

Also, when uploading with "Public", anyone can see it and it will be displayed in the list at the bottom of the top page. Clicking "... or view more public documents in the galley." ... ...

You can see a list of PDF files uploaded by other users in Public. All of these filesInternet ArchiveMechanism to be stored in.

When you open it, you can call up a PDF file, download it and embed it in the same format as when you uploaded the file yourself.

All services can be used free of charge, but "Since the server fee is not free, donations are greatly appreciated", so that from Bitcoin · PayPal ·FlattrYou can donate to the producer via Via.


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