"Bayimg" which can upload up to 100 MB of 140 types of files including ZIP and RAR free of charge without censorship

Despite suing copyright infringementAdvertising revenue of 4 million dollars a year (about 376 million yen), 2.5 million registered users and 10 million simultaneous download users P2P file sharing software A site that can search and download BitTorrent trackers "The Pirate BayThis is operated by this "BayimgIt's an uploader.

Woori corresponds to 140 different formats (including ZIP and RAR), up to 100 MB can be uploaded with "uncensored". Tags can also be set and can be resized.

Details are as below.
Bayimg - free uncensored image hosting

"TagsClicking on this allows you to see the uploaded images.

"SettingsBy clicking, you can set how many images to display per page in this manner, whether to filter objectionable images, and so on.

When you set the filtering to be canceled, it looks something like this.

To upload, click "Browse", specify the file you want to upload, enter the password for deletion in "REMOVAL CODE", enter the tag if necessary.

To resize, click "Settings", check "Resize to:" and select the size

Just check "Mark image (s) offensive" to avoid getting caught in regular tag search. In this way it will be filtered as being "unpleasant". Just click "Upload" at the end. This completes uploading.

When uploading is completed, thumbnail images and addresses are displayed in this way. When you show it to people, tell me this address is ok.

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