Two-way device "JUMP Cable" with both charging and small battery functions

When the battery of the smartphone is empty on the go, it may carry an external battery that can be carried in addition to the charging cable, but it is troublesome to use the cable and the battery separately, or one of them There are things such as forgetting. The solution to such a problem is a device for iPhone / iPod that combines the two functions of charging cable and small mobile battery into one "JUMP CableSo, I actually used it to see how convenient it was.

JUMP Cable | Native Union

The JUMP Cable product package is based on white design.

Open with Pakari.

Inside the box is a special case, instruction manual, main body.

Here is the main body of JUMP Cable, wrapping the cable around the body, the USB connector part is snapped in.

The lightning connector is fitted on the back.

The size of JUMP Cable is 1.9 inch (about 50 mm) square, about one size smaller than half of iPhone 5 s. The weight is 40 g.

The thickness is about twice the iPhone 5s.

The charm of JUMP Cable is a compact size that fits into a hand that does not exist in the conventional external battery.

It fits in a slightly smaller pocket like a jeans.

Supori also in the breast pocket of the shirt.

The length of the cable is 50 cm.

How to use is simple. Remove the inserted USB connector ......

Remove the cable from the main unit.

It is like this when removing the Lightning connector on the back.

First connect the USB connector to PC etc.

JUMP Cable will be charged when only USB connector is connected.

Then plug the Lightning connector into the iPhone 5s ......

Charging of iPhone 5s has started. The charging method is exactly the same as when using a normal charging cable.

When checking the iPhone 5s, the charging sign was displayed next to the battery mark, and it was charged properly.

JUMP Cable charges built-in lithium-ion battery after charging terminal "AutoCharge"Function is installed. In other words, if you leave it connected even after charging the terminal, it charges the main unit. During charging, the green light flashes, and when it stops blinking, charging of the main unit is completed and it can be used as a small mobile battery.

I tried to plug the JUMP Cable which was charged into the iPhone 5s with zero remaining battery.

When JUMP Cable is connected to iPhone 5s, the charging indicator lights up on the screen. It is properly charged.

If you leave it for a while, the battery recovers to 25% in around 15 minutes. Even after that, I was connecting the JUMP Cable to the iPhone 5s, but the battery never got over 26%. On the official page, it is said that iPhone 5 / 5s can be charged up to 30% with a charged JUMP Cable alone, but depending on the situation it seems to be around.

JUMP Cable combining the two functions of charging cable and small mobile battery makes it unnecessary to separately charge the terminal and the mobile battery, but also frees up troublesome carrying the cable and the battery separately I will give it.

JUMP Cable is sold at online Apple Store at a price of 5,800 yen.

Native Union Jump Lightning cable battery - Apple Store (Japan)

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