What is different about the new iPod touch What is the strategy of Apple found out as a result of disassembly immediately?

Recently, Apple announced the fifth generation "IPod touch"Renewal including attaching a rear camera to the 16GB model, 32GB / 64GB model also revised the price, the top 64GB model has made a discount of 8000 yen. The new iPod touch 16GB model is now becoming more famous for disassembling than repair guideIFixitIt is decomposing with haste. What exactly is Apple's strategy that you can see by breaking down?

IPod Touch 5th Generation 16 GB 2014 Teardown - iFixit

Apple's Refreshed 16 GB iPod touch Torn Apart | iFixit

The new iPod touch 16GB model has a 5 million pixel iSight camera. It is one of the major improvements because there was no iSight camera because of its low price in older models. Although it is a cool name "iSight camera", it is a very common camera just because Apple named a rear camera such as iPhone.

In the old model, it also has a loop that installs the omitted hand strap.

Also, in addition to omitting the iSight camera loop, the color also includes black and silver "Do you get treated unprepared so far by only 2000 yen cheap?Although it is the old iPod touch 16GB model which was the impression that it was the impression that it was the impression that it is the impression that it is the impression that it is an old type iPod touch 16 colors including RED of the charity model are prepared and it is treated as 32 GB / 64 GB model equally.

I go into decomposition at once. First of allIOpenerMelt the adhesive with ... "

In the decomposition work of iFixit a secret weapon familiarISclackOpen with Pacari and ......

Remove the display part.

The top is a new type and the bottom is an old type. The only difference is that the protective tape that covered the screw was omitted in the new model.

Batteries, logic boards (main board), speakers and home buttons are soldered to the display and they are connected as strings.

Remove the iSight camera.

The camera parts are the same as the conventional 32GB / 64GB model camera.

Same as the iPhone 4 S, surrounded by a red frameApple A 5It is a chip, which also does not change from the old model. Surrounded by an orange frame is Toshiba's 16GB storage. Various chips of logic board are same as old model.

As a result of disassembly, the new iPod touch 16GB model turned out to be exactly the same contents except the traditional 32GB / 64GB model and storage capacity.

This is clear also from the fact that the model number "A 1421" written on the exterior is the takeover of the 32 GB model.

As mentioned above, from the decomposition of iFixit, it became clear that "The new iPod touch 16GB model only reduced the storage capacity of the conventional model". In other words, it is nothing new, it is a conventional model that reduced storage capacity by half.

Also, the 32GB model has been greatly discounted from 29,800 yen to 24,800 yen, while the 64 GB model has been greatly reduced from 37,800 yen to 29,800 yen, but in the first place Apple will cost 24,800 yen in May 2013 It was 32GB model was changed to 29,800 yen, the 64GB model which was 33,800 yen was changed to 39,800 yenSignificant price increasesFrom what I was doing, the 32 GB model only returned before price rise, the 64 GB model was actually reduced only 4000 yen.

Apple raise prices for iPad / iPad mini / iPod touch etc. all at once, rising up to 16,000 yen - GIGAZINE

Considering such a thing, the upgrading of the iPod touch 16 GB model is simply "I added a model that reduced the storage capacity by discontinuing the low price version", but although it looks like a price cut at first glance, it is only "I returned to the previous price" , Or "You are selling products that will be nearly two years from sale with a slight price cut", can also be received.

It seems to be said that it is said that Apple's fairly good business strategy is to break down and disassemble the new iPod touch 16G model. The fifth generation iPod touch 32GB / 64GB model has already been lowered, and the new iPod touch 16GB will be on sale on July 1, 2014.

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