Do you really get the new 5th generation 'iPad mini'? Case design of a mysterious unpublished model appeared

There are not a few users who are eager to wonder if a new model will appear on the compact iPad "iPad mini" that has been left unattended since being released in September 2015. Leak information that suggests the appearance of "iPad mini 4s" model which newly updated the current iPad mini minor update has appeared.

Mr. White, known for gathering Apple's prototype products, released terminal images that I thought as the new iPad mini on Twitter.

This is the enclosure of a mystery iPad mini. Mr. Whit thinks it may be a model that can also be called "iPad mini 4s".

The difference with the current iPad mini is that the white plastic of the antenna line has been changed to metal-like design. Also, the LED flash next to the rear camera is omitted. In addition, it seems that the earphone jack is mounted.

The interior is like this. You can check the logic board on the right side of the space where the battery will be spread.

The logic board of iPad mini 4s (provisional name) released by Mr. White seems to be the same as what was previously reported as for the next iPad mini equipped with "Apple A9 chip".

The current model iPad mini 4 is already a model three years or more ago and has A8 chips. This is the SoC of the "iPhone 6" generation that appeared as a new design in 2014 in iPhone, and now it can be said that it is a complete missing chip. If the new iPad mini is going to adopt antenna design change or A9 chip adoption, it certainly is a minor update and it is better to say who is named "iPad mini 4s" than to call it "iPad mini 5".

If the new iPad mini appears, it seems likely that it will be in March, 2019 this spring, which is a common time as an iPad release.

Tweets that give hope to users who are looking forward to iPad mini have also appeared. Mr. CoinX, known for tweeting accurate Apple-related leak information, muttered, "iPad mini will not die."

By the way, Mr. CoinX got a lot of attention as it made the 2018 model iPhone naming perfectly fascinated.

As well as removing the earphone jack from the new iPad Pro, of course, I was keeping it to the thickness of 5.9 mm.

Although Mr. CoinX's tweet makes hope for the appearance of iPad mini, at the same time, the standard iPad becomes a discon, and as with the iPhone, the iPad will also become an exclusive line ... ... I am worried.

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