The disposal sale of the old model will be started along with the release of the new iPod

Japan September 2 in the early morningNew iPod including 4th generation "iPod touch" equipped with high resolution display like iPhone 4 was releasedHowever, the disposal sale of the old model was started on the Apple official website.

Details are as below.
IPod Serviced Product - Apple Store (Japan)

According to Apple's official mail order site "Apple Store", as of September 6th 17: 30, in addition to the outlet products that confirmed the quality equivalent to the new level called "refined products", the iPod series of the previous model was new It is sold at disposal price. As with the new product, one year's special warranty will be attached.

IPod nano of the 8 GB model is sold as brand new and "refined product" at 9800 yen.By the way, the price at the time that was released last SeptemberIt is 14,800 yen.

For the 16 GB model, 17,800 yen is 10,400 yen.

For the 3rd generation iPod touch, which is the previous model, the 64GB model is 19,800 yen. IncidentallyThe 4th generation iPod touch 64GB model is 36,800 yenis.

Although it is somewhat troubled as to whether it is better to buy a new model or to buy a cheap pre-model of price though it is somewhat expensive, maybe you may want to consult with your wallet I do not.

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