Upgraded iPhone 6s Plus products are reduced by up to 11,500 yen and started selling at the Apple Store

Products that have been displayed at shop front, returned goods or initial malfunctions that Apple has repaired and guaranteed the same quality as a new one are sold as "refurbished products" at a lower price than usual However, the iPhone 6s Plus has been added to the refined product lineup of the American Apple Store, so that it can be purchased at 15% off from the regular price.

Refurbished iPhone 6s Plus - Apple

Newly appeared in the American Apple Store, iPhone 6s Plus 16 / 64GB refined product.

The 16GB model has four colors of silver, space, gray, gold, rose gold and the price is 529 dollars (about 55,000 yen). This price is lower than normal price by 100 dollars (about 10,000 yen).

As with the 16 GB model, the 64 GB model is also being sold as a finished product in silver, space, gray, gold and rose gold. The price is 589 dollars (about 61 thousand yen), the price is cheaper than the regular price by 110 dollars (about 15 thousand yen).

However, the refurbished products of iPhone 6s Plus are not compatible with delivery to Japan and can not be purchased. At the Apple Store in Japan, there are handled products of Mac, iPad, iPod, but the refurbished iPhone products are not handled and I would like to expect future handling.

Prepared products for Mac, iPod, iPad - Apple (Japan)

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