The mystery of "another portrait" hidden in Picasso's masterpiece

PicassoIs "Woman crying"Or"GuernicaAlthough it is famous for esoteric abstract paintings such as "It was drawing concrete paintings that are easy to understand before that." Although the work "The Blue Room" was drawn at the time of the style called "blue era", in a recent survey another thing under the blue room was hiding another painting I understand.

Picasso Painting Reveals Hidden Man

Man Emerges From Picasso's Painting 'The Blue Room': The Two-Way: NPR

This is Picasso's "blue room". A piece of women bathing in the bedroom is drawn by one of the periods of "blue era" where many works based on dark blue color were drawn.

There is a blue room in WashingtonPhillips CollectionIt was in 1927 that it passed to the curator, but for a long time the curator wondered, "Is there another picture under this picture?" The brushwork of a woman bathed in Picasso's studio was obviously strange. It was written in a letter written by a curator in 1954, but the fact remained unknown until the 1990s when the investigation with X-rays started. And, in the initial survey, only the degree of "blurred portrait" was known, but the advances in technology revealed male portraits.

Portrait of which this was revealed. A man who tightened a bow tie is holding an elbow.

Who is the man and why Picasso drew this man remains a mystery. It is clear that it is not a self-portrait and it is thought that it is a dealer when Picasso opened the first solo exhibition in 1901, but no pictures remained any hints or notes in the picture.

When the hidden paintings were revealed, restorative Patricia Favero said, "It was the moment when I felt something special, and the reaction after that was" Who? "We are investigating to answer this question."

Patricia Favero comparing two paintings.

Why was there another painting beneath the paintings? A curator, Susan Behrends Frank, said "Picasso had to shape things up quickly, but even if the idea at the time came up I could just buy a new canvas and draw a picture There was a work on the cardboard because the price is cheaper than the canvas. "

In addition, I know that pictures are hidden under Picasso's "La Vie (Life)" and "Woman Ironing (Ironing Female)" announced in 1903.

This is a "woman who irons". Applying X-rays ......

The appearance of a man appeared. A woman who ironed was using the canvas with a portrait upside down.

Under the painting "The Blind Man's Meal" ...

The figure of a woman who rolled the body.

This time it is a work called "life" that I made upside down.

If you look closely at the painting on X-rays, you can see that bedside tables and lamps are drawn.

In addition, I know that paintings are also hidden in the work of Van Gogh.

The following works are "Still Life with Wild Flowers and Roses".

Two naked wrestlers were hidden under the flower. DutchClerre Mueller MuseumAlthough the author was unknown for many years while being suspiced that "Still Life with Wild Flowers and Roses" is "in the work of Van Gogh", Van Gogh sent to his brother Teo "draws two wrestlers Since it conforms to the statement "It is", I came to specify that it is a work of Van Gogh.

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