A figure like Jesus appears in the fire of the fireplace

When I looked at the home video shot inside the house, I heard that the figure of Jesus was reflected in the fire of the fireplace.

I do not know if it is really Jesus Christ, but I can see it as if he were suffering.

Details are from the following.
Holy smoke! Jesus in a fire | The Sun | News

This is the fireplace that Jesus Christ appeared.

Attention to the place surrounded by red circles. It looks like a long-haired man like Jesus Christ is stretching her arms up.

Images with facial parts up. Surely it looks like a person's face.

Compared to the paintings of Jesus Christ, I feel that it does not seem to be similar, but he seems to believe that Rob Millist (29 years old) photographed is Jesus Christ.

Incidentally this is part of the movie filmed at Millist 's home. It is unknown whether it just happened to look like Christ or actually a spirit photograph, but Millist who saw this picture seems to be very surprised.

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