What is the definition of each "success of life" that nine successful people speak?

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Even if it says "success" in a bite, its definition is various for every person, and for some people it is time with family, money, things that are different from position and honor is. What to say as "success", having that idea is important in ordering the way of life of life. About the definition of such success The contents the nine great men toldBusiness InsiderIt is summarized by.

How 9 Incredibly Successful People Define Success - Business Insider

◆ Ariana · Huffington "Another thing not just money and power"


News site "HaFhenton PostKnown as the founder ofAriana HuffingtonMr. said, "In order to make life really wanted," the third standard "is necessary, which exceeds the two big standards" money "and" power " It is symbolized by the four major pillars of "health", "wisdom" "surprise" and "giving".

◆ John Wooden "Whether you can be satisfied with yourself"


It is a "legendary coach" of the American college basketball circle and left numerous sayingsJohn WoodenThe success that Mr. said is "Peace of mind." It is obtained from the satisfaction of ourselves that we did not spare our best efforts to become the best person possible "It is a definition that it is a battle with self than other people.

◆ Tony Shay "Living according to my own values"


Work on-line sales of apparel and footwear in the USAZappos.comMr. Shay who set up Zappos and succeeded by Amazon after being acquired by Amazon said, "Your own core values ​​will make you yourself. Similarly, the core value of the company is ultimate We build corporate characters and brands, "he says.Zapppos Legend - How was the service shaking the Amazon shake up?I will talk about my own successful philosophy. Zappos he launched in 2010Fortune magazineIt is also an episode that symbolizes the word that he has won 15th place in the ranking of "100 with a workplace" ranking.

◆ Maya Angelow "Enjoying Your Work"

Mr. Angelow, an American activist and an actress, left a number of suggestive books by 2014 until his death at the age of 86. Mr. Angelow's success is "to like myself, to love what he is doing, and to like the way he has been walking."

◆ Winston Churchill "Thoroughness"


Sir Winston Churchill, who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the Second World War and led the victory country, is a man who is also known for having spared incurable times and is "dried" from the political world around the world war There was also there. In the words that he left in such a period, Churchill says "Success is to continue walking without loss of motivation even among repeated failures."

◆ Richard Branson "Driving in work"


Started from the mail-order sales of second-hand records, building a big conglomerate "virgin group"Assets that are said to be $ 5 billion (about 500 billion yen)With Sir Richard Branson,In the blogAbout Success "When you are more active and correctly engaged in work, you can feel your success more deeply," he says about the success gained by correctly immersing in work.

◆ Deepak · Chopra "To keep growing constantly"


Mr. Deepak · Chopra, who gave a lecture about the way of life in the world and also left a number of books, said in his book "Growth is continuous happiness becoming bigger and appropriate goals at each stage It is to continue to achieve, "he says, explaining the importance of growing.

◆ Thomas Edison "Being diligent"

Edison who did more than 1,300 inventions in his lifetime is also known for its short sleeping time and there is anecdotal that he was immersed in inventions for 72 hours just taking a nap time of only a few hours. It can also be said that this diligence has brought success to Mr. Success is to say that "Success is 1% inspiration and 99% effort" by talking about its word.

◆ Steven R. Covey "Deeply personal things"


"Issuing circulation of over 25 million copies worldwide"Seven customs"Success" advocated by Mr. Stephen R. Covey, who has kept his books such as "The success", is something that is requested from within the individual. "I want to ask the attendant to look back at what kind of life I lived at my funeral when I left this world, which is the definition of" success "for you.

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