Amazon's subsidiary Zappos announced that it has dismissed more than 300 people, about 20% of all employees


Robert Scoble , an apparel company known for its thorough customer service and affiliated with Amazon since July 2009, announced that it had dismissed more than 300 employees, about 20% of all employees, in January 2023. Did.

Amazon Changes at Zappos Slowly Dismantle Tony Hsieh's Legacy - WSJ

Amazon's Branch Zappos Lays off 20 Percent of its Workforce

The dismissal of Zappos employees this time was part of a large-scale layoff at Amazon from January 18, 2023, which laid off more than 18,000 employees.

Founded in the early 2000s by former CEO Tony Hsieh, who died in July 2020, Zappos was a successful online shoe retailer, selling $1.2 billion to Amazon in 2009. Acquired. One of Zappos' basic philosophies is to deliver surprises through service. It became clear that

In addition, the future of Zappos is in jeopardy, with major executives leaving Zappos, such as Tyler Williams, who has been working as an executive of Zappos for many years, has resigned. Zappos CEO Scott Schaefer called the layoffs ``very difficult news''. “As we enter 2023, we still face an uncertain economy that requires us to continue to scrutinize our business and prepare and respond for long-term success.” increase.

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Zappos spokesperson Laura Davis said, ``This employee reduction was made to ensure Zappos continues to provide a superior customer experience in the long term.''

The customer-focused mindset at Zappos has been praised in multiple books so far.

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