A recipe book that understands the basics you did not know knowing to make a delicious sandwich book "The idea and assembly of a sandwich"

Rather than mere recipe, I study the historic classic sandwiches of various parts of the world, assembled "a combination of bread and food ingredients", "food ingredients that suit every kind of bread", "order of putting ingredients" etc, and make sandwiches of each country good A book that will make it possible to make even the ultimate original sandwich we took "Idea and assembly of sandwiches"is.

The front cover looks something like this.

According to author Nagata Yui, "In this book I stuck with" the world's classic sandwich ". Because sandwiches that continue to be loved around the world are condensing "fundamentals of making sandwiches". Also, in assembling a sandwich, I am summarizing "sandwich basic knowledge" as to what I was not aware of, what I was in trouble, what I noticed, ingredients indispensable for menu preparation, frequently asked questions etc. .

It's a thick and thick recipe book.

On the first page, features of each type of bread, and methods of cutting are written.

For breads that Japanese people often eat, it is explained with slices to slice from 10 mm to 18 mm for square cut corn and 10 mm to 20 mm for mountain type loaves. It's just like this, "Because the thickness is different, so what is it?" It is a feeling, but when you sandwich the egg salad with the same weight with different thickness, because the photograph that shows that the appearance impression is different is attached , It has become possible to realize how much difference in balance gives a big impression difference.

In the case of baguettes, not cutting appropriately, it is suitable to divide one piece into four equal parts, and the incision that sandwiches the ingredients is to put a notch diagonally from the top slightly rather than putting the blade sideways. Battal, which is thicker and shorter than baguettes, slices obliquely with a thickness of 30 mm to 40 mm, and if it is a small sandwich, it seems to be better to cut it vertically.

Since the optimum cutting method is explained by each bread such as croissant and German bread, it is possible to suppress the basics of "everything for a sandwich is suitable for cutting like this" for every pan. Although this is the level corresponding to this book alone, the early stage is still early in the first few pages, really the depth of this explanation is noteworthy.

In the case of Koppepan, for example, it is not only "to cut straight from directly above", but also from the top slightly above It is written that it is possible to slant obliquely. "When thinking carefully and trying it in practice, it is becoming clear that" I see that ".

I do not think on the page that wrote the way to cut the big bread "Pan · Sho - prize" for French parties, but I do not want to say "where are you selling such bread, not in the neighbor 's bakery! In the lower part is written "Application with mountain bread", there are not so many things like "Do you get it like that?" That tend to be in this book's book, very books with feet on the ground It is clear that it is.

In the chapter "The idea of ​​a classic sandwich", how about the balance between bread and ingredients so that the proportion of bread is two thirds of that of baguettes and one third of the ingredients? That's why there's a thorough commitment like somewhere gourmet comics or something.

Even more amazing is this, it is classified by "Supply scene" such as stalls, deli · bakery · cafe · diner · restaurant · hotel, and "type of bread". It was born as a result of pursuing thoroughly about "universal deliciousness" where classic sandwiches are popular.

Analyzing and sorting out types of sandwiches around the world is "Law of combination of classic sandwiches". First of all, there is a basic combination, furthermore adding "element of plus alpha" to it, and replacing the constituent elements with roses, it is said that it is possible to make a delicious sandwich to be an original arrange menu.

In other words, in order to make a delicious original sandwich, it is necessary to know various staple and masterpiece sandwiches that have been devised in history. For that reason, the middle of the book has become able to know the pretty accurate recipe of a standard sandwich. The first to appear is British "roast beef sandwich", the Earl of Sandwich, which also became the origin of sandwiches, was eaten with one hand on the way of gambling, and yet it was made to let out as a dirty hand of hands. Even though I know the origin of sandwiches, it is hard to imagine that until then it is probably "roast beef sandwich".

The contents of each recipe basically explain what kind of ingredients are made around the photograph of the cross section, and on the right page there are written ones that seem to be various kinds . It is not simply indiscriminate that ingredients are arranged in a simple manner, and it is clear that the points such as in which order to overlap, in the end how they are cut, whether the ingredients in the inside are to be folded, put at right angles with the cutting direction, etc. And is summarized.

That sandwich that looks like a dice often seen at a coffee shop or baker's shop was named "tea sandwich" and was familiar to social occasions as an afternoon tea companion for the upper class around 1930.

The basic tea / sandwiches are different kinds of bread, respectively, "Ham & Mustard", "Cheddar & Cucumber", "Smoked Salmon & Herb Cream Cheese", "Egg & Cress", "Orange Marmalade & Butter" in all five types.

"BLT (bacon · lettuce · tomato)" familiar in cafes and hotels in Japan is a sandwich representing America. It became a popular menu in the American diner from 1930 to 1950, and it is said that the origin of the menu name is the entry of initials of ingredients in the order table at the time of ordering.

Similarly, the American "Club Sandwich" is a collection of two or three sandwiches in three breads, and in France it is offered as a luxury snack at first-class hotels and well-established cafes.

Brought about by the Jews who moved from Eastern Europe to America in the early 19th century, the world's biggest boom in 1980 was the "bagel sandwich".

Although sausage is famous for Germany, we also found a recipe for "Wurst Brothchen" that sausages are sandwiched also in sandwiches. He seems to use a small bread instead of a fork to eat sausage by hand.

"Panino" in Italy means small bread, "Panini" means plural form.

Even more rare sandwiches are those using croquettes "Farafel" familiar from Egypt to Iran. There is a croquette of chick peas in vegetables and pickles in a flat bread called Pita or Hobbs.

As cumin and yoghurt were used exotic flavors, it is frightening to read and try making everything about this once and for anything.

Vietnamese sandwich "Vine Me" where French bread has settled because it was under the French colonial basement. Combinations such as herbs, Vietnamese ham, liver paste, and passengers are common.

There are various sandwiches in the world, but it is Japanese "and sandwich" which should not be forgotten. The roots that fruit of bread with western food culture birthday birth that was born in 1895 is stated.

A lot of classic sandwiches recipes from all over the world are listed, but the ingredients used for sandwiches are also described in detail for each type. For example, even one butter, Escargot butter · lemon butter · tomato butter · rockfall butter · anchovy butter, and as fat other than butter, olive oil · goose fat · peanut butter, etc. so that a wide variety of things It explains how to use it in such situations.

For bacon and ham, each point of kind, placement and cutting method has been explained carefully.

For basic sources essential for sandwiches, it ranks from mayonnaise to Bechamel sauce all at once, and there are also plenty of things that add accents just by adding a small amount as "salt, spices & dry herbs" I will explain it in detail.

There is also a teaching guidance when assembling, there is also "to not bring the tomato and bread into contact" in order to smoke moisture, because the taste is blurred because it is not seasoned "tomatoes and lettuce are not brought into contact" "sandwich the sauce between tomatoes and lettuce "It is a wonderful thing that you can think that it is" certainly! "If you are told, and" I see, I see ... .... "

And at the end of that stuffed with this vast knowledge, there is an "original sandwich concept sheet", and the original delicious sandwiches are completed simply by filling in in order. As soon as reading is finished, it is enough to think without thinking whether you can open a sandwich shop.

The table of contents is as follows.

◆ Basic knowledge of sandwich I
· About bread

◆ Classic sandwiches in the world
· Concept of classic sandwiches

◆ UK
Roast beef and sandwich
· Pastrami Beef & Potato Fries Sandwich
· Sandwich of roast pork & charcutiere sauce
Tea sandwich
· Cucumber · Sandwich
· Ham & Mustard
· Cheddar & Cucumber
· Smoked salmon & herb cream cheese
Egg & Cress
· Orange marmalade & butter
· Victoria · sandwich
All day breakfast
· All day breakfast · Sandwich
· All Day · Breakfast · Panino
· English muffin breakfast omelets sandwich

◆ France
Baguette, sandwich
· Jumbo · Fromage ·
· Flume · Danvert · Pepper Shinken
· Camembert · Country Roast
· Bhatar salad sandwich
· Chocolate baguette · sandwich
· Tartine in Riet
· Flum · Danvert and Banana
· Camembert and apple
· French breakfast (Column)
Clock · Moush
· Clock · Moush
·Clock Madam
· Carrot Grass's gratinish wind clock · mush
· Pumpkin and bacon gratinish wind clock · mush
Pan · pana
· Pan · pana
· Nice style potato salad Viennois Sand
· Ratatouille and Spicy Salami Chabata Sand
Bread / Shoes Please
· Bread · Shoes Please

◆ America
· Caesar salad style BLCT
Club · sandwich
· Club · sandwich
· Special · Club Sand
· Tandoori chicken's club · sandwich
Ruben Sandwich
· Ruben · sandwich
· Hot · Pastramisan sandwich of watercress and apple and blue cheese
· Ruben · Panino
Bagel sandwich
· Bagels & Rocks
· Nuts pickled in honey & cream cheese · · ·
· Blueberries & Cream Cheese
· Raw ham & tomato cream cheese
Egg Behenedect
Egg Behenedect
· Egg · Behenedect of Mortadella and warm mayonnaise
· Egg · Behenedect of Peppersincken Bechamer cheese sauce
· Grilled chicken breit
· Vegetarian · Bleed
· Brist with ham, cheese and wakamore
Peanut butter & jelly
Monte Cristo

◆ Germany
Cartes Essen
· CARTES Essen
· Sandwich of lever wurst and cream cheese
· Mittwurst and Pak Pika Nickel sandwich
Wurst Brothchen
· Bratwurst Brotchen
· Curry Wurst Brotchen
· Hot dog of sauerkraut and sausage mustard
· Lever Case Semmel
· Viasinken's salad style Kaiser sand

◆ Italy
· Prosciutto and Ruccola's Panino
· Caprese style salad · Panino
· Quatro Flo Mudge and Salami's Panino
· Panino in Moladella

◆ Scandinavia
Smoked salmon smoke blow
· Smokebrows with sweet shrimp and boiled eggs
· Roast Beef Smobloe
· Maribo's Smobraw

◆ Middle East
· Pita sand fried vegetables
· Kebab style wind roasted salad salad
· Turkish "Sabbathand" (Column)

◆ Vietnam
Vine · Me
· Vine · Me · Tit
· Fried chicken with a nukumami flavor and sweet chili salad with vine · me
· Vietnamese style grilled meat · Me

◆ Japan
And Sand
· Tonkatsu sandwich
· Fin and Sand
· Beef and sandwich
· Campagne sand fried from chicken
Coppépan sand
· Yakisoba bread
· Napolitan bread
· Macaroni salad bread
· Croquette bread
Fruits and sandwiches
·Fruit sandwich

◆ Seasonal Original Sandwich
· How to assemble the original · sandwich


◆ LESSON 1 Ideas from seasonal ingredients - Seasonal ingredients sandwiches I
· Spring cabbage plenty and sandwich
· Spring cabbage plenty croquette sand
· Spring cabbage marinade Ruben · sandwich
· Spring cabbage's Cole Slaw & Ham Sand
· Spring cabbage plentiful Salt-grilled soba pan
· Chicken fried sweet vinegar sandwich

◆ LESSON 2 Use seasonal ingredients as an accent - Sandwich of seasonal ingredients II
· Nanohana & Prosuit's Baguette · Sandwich
Miso dog
· New Yu-Nimi Marine and Smoked Salmon Rye Pansand
· Spring burdock salad BLT

◆ LESSON 3 Incorporate fruits - Dessert · sandwich
· Whole strawberry dessert · sandwich
· Sweet summer and cream cheese walnut pancake sandwich
· Mascarpone and dry fruit brioche sandwich

◆ LESSON 4 Think about the menu to be outdoor - Picnic sandwich
· Picnic box sand
· And Sand Mix
· Petit Pan Sandwich and Variety Box
· French picnic · basket

◆ Summer

◆ LESSON 5 Think cool and delicious combination - salad · sandwich
· Plum and big leaves, sesame scented Japanese style salad sandwich
· Carrot rape and raw ham and cream cheese chabata sand
· Salmon marinade and avocado salad sandwich
· Croissant · Salad sand 2 types
· Caesar salad sandwich of paprika chicken · ·

◆ LESSON 6 Taking advantage of spice and herbal personality - Ethnic style sandwich
· Herb sausage salad style Nandog
· Wakamore & garlic sausage dog
· Tandoori chicken & pumpkin and cucumber & cheese sandwich
· Sandwich of Korean style grilled meat and namul
· Greek salad with smoked chicken and cucumber · Pita sand


◆ LESSON 7 Offer freshly baked - hot · sandwich
· Ratatouille and meat sauce lasagne-style clock · mush
· Mushroom cream and roast chicken panino
· Mushrooms and Escargot butter's Tartine
· English muffin's ham cheese sandwich

◆ LESSON 8 Conceive from a dish that fits bread - gourmet · sandwich
· Shook root · sandwich
· Egg · Benedictine style of Piperrad
· Spanish style omelet sandwich
· Lyon style salad toasted sandwich

◆ LESSON 9 Think about the combination that fits the wine - a small sandwich of authentic ingredients
A sandwich to become an appetizer
· Salmon marinade and sour cream
· Ratatouille with bread chicory canapé
· Satin Mall and Mixed Berry's Honey Marinade
The main small sandwich
· Potatoes and raclette
· Foie gras and figs jam brioche sandwich
· Marinade with root and celery root
Sandwiches to be dessert
· Camembert and apple
· Rock Fall and Nuts Pickled in Honey
· Bria Savarain and dried fruit red wine compote

◆ Winter

◆ LESSON 10 Thinking about Party Menus - Party Sandwich
· Pinchoss style plate that fits wine
· Oval plate party · sandwich
· Party with long corner dish · Sandwich
· Kids · party sand set
· Pan · Shoe · Please · Variety

◆ LESSON 11 Incorporate Japanese ingredients - Japanese style sandwiches
· Phytel with honey miso swine, seri and burdock
· Japanese style club with sweet and taro fried · sandwich
· Baguette sand of sweet potato with riet style and taro mash
· Japanese burgers with lotus steak and thick cutting bacon

◆ Important things in making sandwiches In place of postscripts

◆ Basic knowledge of sandwich II
· About butter
· About cheese
· About processed meat products
· About sauces and condiments
· Prepare vegetables
· How to assemble a sandwich

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