McDonald's new chicken burger has appeared, four types of "cheese fondue" "German sausage" "Diabolo" "carbonara"

Four kinds of chicken burger's new work "Icon Chicken Cheese Fondue", "Icon Chicken German Sausage", "Icon Chicken Diabolo", "Icon Chicken Carbonara" will be started to be sold in turn from Friday, October 8 It became clear.

The chicken burger of this time became a lineup of "Icon Chicken" series, which was released this summer"Chicken Burger Aurora" and "Chicken Burger Salt and Lemon"I will leave it and add it as a separate line. Some menu contents such as pasta such as pasta are invented with the theme "Encounter with the representative food ingredients in Europe", it seems that it is made with a slightly fashionable image like the existing chicken burger is.

Also, this timeMcDonald's "Big America" ​​which imaged "McDonald's American" 4 kindsAs at the time of the launch, 250 shops are limited to pre-sales from October 1st (Friday), so that one type of hamburgers can be eaten before each launch.

Details of the "Icon Chicken" series of all four types and leading stores are as follows.This time the chicken burger encounters chicken and various ingredients! It is! "Cheese fondue" "German sausage" "Diabolo" "Carbonara"
~ The appearance also appeared newly as "Icon chicken" series ~ The first cheese fondue will be on sale from October 8th (Friday)

All four product description is from the following. As McDonald's adopts regional price, the price will be expressed as ● ● ○ yen ~ ● ● circle.

◆ 1st bullet: Icon chicken cheese fondue (single item 340 to 360 yen)

Release date ... Friday, October 8, 2010 - Mid October (planned)

The first "Icon Chicken Cheese Fondue" combines European representative dish "Cheese Fondue" with chicken. Fonddue soft chicken meat chicken with crochet sauce crocheted in a crispy sauce and combine toasted powdered cheese buns, mozzarella cheese, bacon and slice lettuce, enjoying the taste and smell of thick cheese.

The first thing to be released is this "Icon chicken cheese fondue". Buns, sauces and ingredients seem to be cheese-cooked hamburgers using cheese.

◆ 2nd bullet: Icon chicken German sausage (single item 340 to 360 yen)

Release date ... Mid October 2010 to early November (planned)

The second "Icon Chicken German Sausage" is a delicious dish of a new combination of juicy and crispy lemon-flavored peach meat chicken and spicy Boronian sausage stuck to thin clothing like fried. I sandwiched dill mustard, cabbage pickled vegetables, mozzarella cheese together with steamed buns with rye in it.

German-style furniture has become a stronghold with a name "German" as a name. It is an interest where cabbage pickled vegetables and sausages go with iron plate or peach meat chicken.

◆ 3rd: Icon Chicken Diabolo (single item 340 to 360 yen)

Release time ... Early November 2010 to mid November (planned)

The third "Icon Chicken Diabolo" combines European famous dish "Diabolo" with chicken. This dish meaning "small devilish style" is characterized by a spicy and diabolo sauce. I entwined the sauce with soft meat chicken and sandwiched with bacon, cheddar cheese, sliced ​​lettuce to toasted cheese buns. It is a taste that makes spicy hotness poor.

"Diabolo" to cook chicken with sauce of spicy sauce is applied to hamburgers. this isLotteria's Tomato Tandoori Chicken SandI'd like to expect something like satisfying the painful things like challenging.

◆ 4th bullet: Icon chicken carbonara (single item 340 to 360 yen)

Release date ... Mid November 2010 to early December (planned)

The fourth "Icon Chicken Carbonara" combines the familiar "carbonara" with pasta with chicken. I entwined a creamy sauce with black pepper and cheese flavored with chicken with soft meat meat and sandwiched it with a scrambled egg, bacon and mozzarella cheese which I stuck with steamed buns with black peppers kneaded . It is a dish that you can enjoy the taste of carbonara.

"Icon chicken carbonara" which the product image is supposed to be tremendous. A combination of creamy sauce, scrambled eggs, and chicken makes chicken soba no da.

For pre-sale stores, you can check by menu type from the link below. Even if I live in a big city like Tokyo or Osaka, I think that it will be forced to struggle hard, because I have to move quite a little as if I try to conquer all kinds.

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