In "edible insect growing equipment" which raises insects and makes it as food, it seems that you can make chicken taste putty

It is expected that the population of Japan in the future will continue to be on a downward trend, but it is certain that the population will increase explosively on a global scale. It is believed that the population that increased rapidly since the end of the 19th century reaches 10 billion by the end of the 21st century,Population explosionIt is also expressed as.

It is "food shortage" that human beings face in such times and there is a voice worried as a serious problem from the present stage. Insects are used as food as one of the measures to solve such problemsInsect dietAlthough studies are being conducted all over the world, "Insect Putty" processed by a device created by a person seems to have tasted like chicken.

Fly Factory breeds insects for human consumption

This machine is a study model of "edible insect factory". Búi Bjarmar Aðalsteinsson (Ardal Stenson) from Iceland who developed this device,United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) announced in 2013 Report focusing on the role of insects in food and feed "Edible insects Future prospects for food and feed security(PDF file) Inspired by me, I told myself that I decided to create insect growing equipment.

Mr. Ardalstenson said, "In order to verify the role of insect foods that make insects one of the foods in the food crisis, which is thought to be approaching in the future world, to actually insect breeding and produce food We developed about "its significance."

Cultivated insect larvae are processed and are a kind of French cuisineputtyIt is finished in shape. About the taste you care about Mr. Ardal Stenson said, "I have a flavor like chicken, I do not have any strong taste, so the taste will change depending on what kind of spice to use and what kind of cooking method to use I will tell you the impression.

Ardal Stenson's favorite recipe is "coconut chocolate larva dessert" tailored to dessert. "I like the kids", but it is worrisome whether they are telling the identity ... ....

Although we hear concepts, it is an insect food that can be imagined a long way before actually spreading, but it is one of effective solutions for "food shortage" that mankind who continues to increase population will face As one, serious research is under way around the world. Here is the conceptual diagram of the device drawn by Ardalstenson.

It is inhabited in Japan that is bred in the equipmentAmerica MizuabuOf the larvae, processed into food before becoming adults. When you become an adult, America Mizuab will lose the ability to take food from the mouth, so you will not fly around seeking food to become food. Therefore, it is known that the risk of mediating pathogenic bacteria is low, it is said that it was adopted from the good hygiene state compared with other insects.


On the upper part of the rearing machine is a breeding room for raising larvae. (Click and display mosaic-free image)

Conceptual diagram of breeding cycle is here. Waste of human-made food is given to larvae of American Mizuabu as organic feed. In addition to being brought to edible by raised larvae, it is supposed to be raised to produce an uninterrupted cycle by growing up to adults and causing the next generation of larvae. Because larvae produce cultivated soil rich in nutrients, it will also be useful for cultivating herbs and the like.

A refrigerator is built in the equipment and it can be used as a refrigerator to store desserts. In addition, recycling of energy that utilizes the heat generated by the refrigerator for larva rearing is also adopted.

The part occupying about half of the rearing machine is used for the cultivation space of herbs etc. using culture soil. In addition, it is assumed that the general households are not considered for future edible insect factory, some restaurants, etc. which are supposed to install this device. That is why it is hard to think that breeding insects using this device in ordinary families ", but I feel strange convincing power.

In entering the era of anticipated food shortage in the coming world, Mr. Ardal Stenson said, "Insect diet is not only for getting food but also as a good source of protein, and also compared with other livestock I think that insect diet is important also from this point of view because the feed necessary for growing is reduced from one fifth to one tenth. "We will talk about the importance in the future in the world.

Sooner or later, regardless of hope or desire, it is thought that the era of 'insect food' will arrive someday, at that time it is thought that it has evolved into less resistant one. In preparation for such a time, it may be good to just prepare the mind in advance from now.

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