"Dead Man's Switch" which can send you an automatic e-mail even if you suddenly die

If you can send e-mails and files of "announcements" to people around you when you left this world, it seems to be something useful, but in case of an accident you should think that there is no such grace Yes. We reserve e-mail transmission for such an occasion, and when that time comes, the net service that sends e-mail automatically instead of me is "Dead Man's Switch"is.

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To users registered in Dead Man 's Switch, "Server confirmation mail" is regularly sent from the server. When the reply to the mail ceases to exist, the user is judged to be "dead", and the mechanism that sends the reserved e-mail in advance. The reply period to the survival confirmation mail is within 30 days. In addition, the mailAES 256It is protected by the encryption processing of.

To use it, click "Create account" at the top right of the site.

After setting the e-mail address and password to which the survival confirmation e-mail is delivered, click "Create account".

Your account has been created.

In addition, the character code on the left side of the screen is an emergency code in the case of "I want to tell you that he died soon", "It is too long on death for the longest 30 days ..."

When someone has this code entered at the site, the reserved e-mail is urgently sent.

Let's try to reserve an email. Click "New email" at the top right of the page while logged in to the account.

After entering the mail address and the subject / body you want to send, click "Save".

It is also possible to attach a file with a size of 20 MB or less to the mail. To attach a file, click "Browse" and specify the file ......

Click "Add" OK.

It is OK if reservation mail appears in Emails on the left side of the screen. It is also possible to reserve multiple mails for each address by changing contents.

"Dead Man's Switch" corresponds not only to e-mails but also attached files, so it seems to be very useful depending on how it is used. However, let's stop using it by annoying everyone leaving mysterious ciphers.

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