"Tonkatsu Mackberger" tastes good and bad, not McDonald's

In the last time-limited menu, I was conscious of womenAvocadoMcDonald 's who released a hamburger using, this time it was aware of male customers "Tonkatsu Muck BurgerWe are selling it from May 7th. The hamburger chain which treats hamburgers with crackers sandwiched as regular menu is currently only Mos Burger and I was concerned about the taste of the hamburger using the pork cutlet made by McDonald 's, so I went to the store at once.

Tonkatsu Mackberger | Campaign | McDonald's

Arrived at McDonald's.

Appealing new products with a rare blue climb for McDonald's.

Looking at the cash register ......

I found a pork cutlet burger in the center of the menu. I will order it at once.

Waiting in front of the cash register Three minutes later I got a pork cutlet Mackberger. Pictures of cabbage, pork cutlet, and cutlet sauce are printed on wrapping paper.

Even on the tray paper, it appealed big dumpling machine.

It is like this when taking out the pork cutlet Mack burger from the wrapping paper. Pans was broken in the middle, using Bran Buns using bran.

As you approach, you can see the brown pot.

Tonkatsu sauce seems to have a lot of vegetables, like a puree feeling.

Take off the upper buns and open it, you can see the sauteed sauce, cabbage and pork cutlet.

Ponkey does not seem to have much thickness.

The clothing is an item of commitment using two types of rough and narrow. Pigs use American-made ones.

Under the pork cutlet, not mustard but mustard was sandwiched.

With the feeling easy to hold in hand, Mos Burger'sLoose cut burgerIt was felt bigger.

As I eat it, the taste of the tomatoes, onions and carrots is strong, the taste of the spice itself of the sauce itself is weak, so it is not so tasty sauce taste. Because beef extract is also included in the raw material, it can also be felt like meat sauce or demiglace sauce. However, since soy sauce and so on enter the sauce, it is finished to make it feel a sum, and plenty of vegetables are also contained, so it has strong strength and it is quite different from the sauce sauce of the commercial product, but with the pork cutlet I feel that compatibility is not bad.

Pork cutlets are loin meat with a lot of lean body, but rather the thickness is thin and the quality of the meat is reasonable. I heard it by telephone, it seems to be American. The two kinds of clothes are made with a combination of both crisp texture and soft texture, and as price increases unlimitedly when sticking to the fleshy quality, differentiation is aimed at by pretty much sticking to clothing It feels like there is.

If you eat regular pork cutlets, you will feel like eating with the sweetness of the sauce, but in the case of McDonald's it is a mysterious feeling of eating cabbage with the taste of vegetables such as tomatoes. I feel like eating vegetables with vegetables. Brambans did not feel the scent of wheat strongly, but it was more expensive than McDonald's hamburger buns.

Tonkatsu McBurger's price is 399 yen including tax, sold until late May. It is an impression that we released goods of the royal road with a little change, good or bad, McDonald's likelihood is thin, so if you are a person who has not gone to McDonald's recently it's worth a try.

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