I tried a cup noodle "Ringer Hut's Nagasaki Champon" that Ringer Hut's "Nagasaki Champa" can easily enjoy at home anytime

Easy at home at Ringer Hut's classic menuNagasaki ChamponCup noodles that will be able to eat "Ringger Hut's Nagasaki Champon"is. It was easy to taste Nagasaki Champa, so I purchased it and tried it.

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This is "Ringer Hut's Nagasaki Champon". Containers are those of Tatelung, a classic cup noodle.

Like Ringer Hut's classic menu "Nagasaki Champa", cup noodles also use domestic vegetables as ingredients.

Nutrition information table and raw material name are written on the side of the cup, the amount of energy per meal is 371 kcal, the content amount is 87 grams, of which 70 grams of noodles are said. In addition, since "wheat · egg · milk ingredients · shrimp · soybean · chicken · pork · sesame are contained in" Ringer hat Nagasaki Champa ", those who are allergic need to be careful.

The cooking time is 5 minutes, so it is a long impression for cup noodles of this size.

Open the lid and the lid immediately like this ...

Take out the seasoning oil from inside and pour hot water.

After plenty of hot water ......

Close the lid and wait 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes put the seasoning oil ......

done. The ingredients contained in "Ringger Hut Nagasaki Champa" are five kinds of cabbage, shrimp, kamaboko, bean sprouts and carrots, and fried kamaboko and squid are not included in what is offered at Ringer Hut stores Hmm.

That's why I decided to get it. When I try to eat it, soup is crispy based on Tonkotsu, just like the taste of Ringer Hut. The thick noodles have a very good sense of mochi, good compatibility with soup.

There is also a red and white steamed kamaboko of the symbolic existence of Nagasaki Champa. Besides, there are other sharks, bean sprouts, carrots, but these are also ingredients of ordinary cup noodles.

However, the cabbage had a good texture to the extent that it could not be thought of as being contained in cup noodles, and it also felt the sweetness of the material. Other ingredients are very common, but I feel like I ate Nagasaki Champon just by having this cabbage.

The suggested retail price of "Ringger Hut Nagasaki Champa" is 190 yen without tax.

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