When I lend a room with the service "Airbnb" to lend and borrow the room with local people, the damage amount is about 9 million yen

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Service to lend and borrow rooms with people all over the world "Airbnb"Has also opened a Japanese site, it is a new way of accommodation for travel, but the comedian'sAri TemanWhen I lent the room for the wedding party, it seems that 50 people, including prostitutes, were annoyed.

Comedian Furious After AirBNB Rents His Apartment To "XXX Freak Fest" Orgy: Gothamist

Ari Teman said that he lent his own luxury condominium to "David" using Airbnb. David is a highly respected person among Airbnb, saying, "There are brothers' weddings at the weekend, but there are no rooms for parties, so we are just looking for a nice room." When Teman who forgot his bag returned to the room around 11:30 pm at night, what was going on there was not a wedding party, it was a rumor named "the XXX Freak Fest".

The organizer of the party is a person called TWINN, which has been erased now, had an account called @TWINN_GREEN on Twitter. And TWINN's phone number is stated on Tweet about "BBW PANTY RAID PARTY" posted with "The Black Dr. Ruth" account, Teman notices that this is the same as David's phone number .

By the party Teman's room sofa and bed, coffee table and drum set,FenderThe guitar and others are destroyed, furthermore clothes get wet with mysterious liquid, and condoms and drink bottles are scattered on the floor. It is estimated that the amount of damage will reach $ 80,776 (about 9 million yen).

According to another article Teman posted on tumblr "Dear Airbnb, No thank you for the XXX Freak Fest (Dear Airbnb, I do not thank" the XXX Freak Fest "), Teman said" the XXX Freak Fest "for the reason that it will be forced to leave the apartment.

Dear Airbnb, No thank you for the XXX Freak Fest

Teman, who tried to contact Airbnb founder Mr. Brian via Twitter, told me "I need to inform the police so please call me" and threw a tweet ......

From AirBNB, "We are very regrettable about this and we are in the process, so we will contact you soon." On the other hand, Teman says, "Please slow, because I was just sent in an unpleasant, illegal and dangerous prostitution organization who knows the address of my room and has the key.Brian, phone Please do "and return.

Teman was naturally angry, but Airbnb responded very graciously, arranging to remit $ 23,817 (about 2.5 million yen) and change the key of the room. Teman says that Airbnb got contacts everyday and prepared the hotel as well.

The news siteGawkerTook a direct contact with a person David through a telephone number of TWINN, David said, "Because I did not do such a party, I do not know about him, but in any case Teman says," You may call up to 50 guests "I agreed with the contract saying" I agree. "

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