I got tired of Indian food in India and when I went to Starbucks it was Indian food after all

In India we also sell sandwiches and Chinese dishes, but as Indian dishes and spicy curries are sprinkled in the center, food becomes the center, so sometimes I get tired of having morning afternoon and evening. So when I was in India I tried to refresh by going to Starbucks which is deployed all over the world, and Indian cuisine was still eroding there as well.

Starbucks Coffee Company

In India, the curry is selling even at the stand in the waiting room of the station, the more curry it is. Curry and rice at Delhi station was 40 rupees (about 70 yen). Chinese food and sandwiches were also sold, but the main was still like Indian cuisine, people were sparsely Chinese stand.

Starbucks has entered such India in 2012. The first store was Mumbai in South India, but now we have 40 stores throughout India. While walking around the Delhi station, "Where in this is Starbucks holding a shop?" Is wondering ....

Connaught PlaceWhen you go to the business / shopping center area called, the atmosphere of the town changes at will.

I found Starbucks. There was a guard guard in front of the shop.

The inside is two stories, and I am relieved by the atmosphere of Starbucks familiar that I can not imagine India.

We also sell tumbler and mugs ... ...

A lot of showcasePastryThere are lined up.

That means that I ordered immediately.

After ordering, I will move to the second floor.

The seat is like this.

Like the Japanese Starbucks, there are coffee cinnamon, nutmeg and straw next to the tray return space.

Looking at the box containing sugar etc ... ...

Discover chili sauce and mustard.

So I will eat what I ordered.

The first thing we chose was selling for a limited time "Berry Berry Hibiscus(150 rupees / about 260 yen) ". It contains caffeine extracted from coffee and it is on sale in Japan in July 2012.

I will open the lid and the lid.

There are sweet and sour Black Berries in it, and it tasted refreshing. I feel refreshing effect by caffeine, I feel that the body I was getting refreshed by scooping over the hot weather and dusty items of India.

Where I was refreshing with berry berry hibiscus, "Cha tea latte (120 rupees / about 210 yen)" that I bought "India-like things ... ...." Because I came to India ... .... India ... .... "

Is authentic chai different in taste? Although I tried drinking while thinking, spicy is working firmly as well as stable Starbucks, Chatty Latte drinking in Japan.

There were a lot of food menus, so we asked the clerk for two items to recommend.

Ketchup was added to the tray from the beginning.

I did not know exactly what I had ordered, so I saw the receipt and confirmed it, first of all it was "Tandoori Paneer Roll (155 rupees / about 270 yen)". It looks like a hamburger.

...... But when looking at what is sandwiched between them, it seems that it is not meat that is caught.

When I remove Pakari and the buns, what is sandwiched inPanireIt is something curryish like cheese called.

No doubt ... when eating it thinking, a soft texture of Panil, a flavor of cumin and turmeric, and a raw coriander, "This is ... ... definitely Indian food ...! Although it is not painful up to that point, the scent of spice is intensified. There is no doubt about the appetizing finish, but Indian cuisine.

Then it looks like "Reshmi Kebab Roll (155 rupees / about 270 yen)" wiener roll.

However, when I tried eating here, it was not a wiener, but a cove that was inside. Spicy meat was not juicy, but still spicy, again Indian food.

So that's 580 rupees (about 1000 yen) for all items ordered this time. It is far cheaper than buying in Japan,I checked the site pageBecause there are sandwiches and cakes which are not like India, it is recommended when you want to relief in India or when you want to enjoy Indian-flavored Starbucks, you want to use a beautiful toilet with paper.

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