I went to the "Panono" photo session to shoot 360 degrees & 108 megapixel panoramic photos like a ball

Ball type camera that can shoot panorama 360 degree pictures by just throwing it in the airPanono"Landed in Japan,Shiga Prefecture Konishi High SchoolI was going to do a photo session with the brass band of the band, so I actually went to a photography campaign to see what Panono is carrying with 36 camera units and taking 108 megapixel pictures It was.

Panono - Panoramic Ball Camera

Pictures actually taken at Panono are as follows. It is possible to drag the picture doubly with the mouse and see everything 360 degrees.

So I arrived at Shiga Prefecture Koshi High School.

The cherry blossoms were at their best time around the school.

So, I will show you the prototype of Panono used at this photo session. The size is about soccer ball.

The surface is wrapped in something like cushioning ... ...

Thirty-six small cameras are peeping through the gap.

Also a miniUSB port for charging. Besides being able to connect to the smartphone via USB, wireless connection is also possible with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

It is also possible to shoot with the stand, there are also mounts on the surface.

It is OK to throw and shoot using a stand, or even to take a picture by lifting it with hand like this.

And this is the finished version Panono's design. Diameter is 11 cm, weight is 300 g.

Compared with the prototype version, it is considerably smaller. Although cushioning materials etc. are not used on the surface, why can throw and drop off?GoProAs wellPolycarbonateBecause it uses a case made of. It is not a waterproof so it can not be completely submerged in water, but if the amount of water is as large as a sprinkler, it means that there is no problem.

As this is not completed yet, it is only design, but the real product will be equipped with a switch for on / off in the green circle, miniUSB port for charging etc. will be installed.

Pictures taken can be viewed with the application. As if you are on the spot, moving the tablet changes the orientation of the picture.

The photo session was from 12:20, and as time approached, the students of the brass band came together in front of the main gate one after another.

Instrument in hand.

It is the Mario of Panono GmbH that has Panono in the middle of the students. First we will test.

Pon, and throwing the camera like a ball.

While doing so, more and more people gathered ......

Many people are in front of the main gate.

Baseball club members gathered and it seems just to be throwing balls among many people, but this is a good photo session.

So by the time the test shooting ended it is now the real number. Mario is standing by being surrounded by brass band members.

You can see the actual performance and shooting from the following movies.

Throwing a ball like "Panono" to shoot 360 degree panoramic photos - YouTube

Stand it ... ...

I will throw it.

Accelerometer is built in Panono, and when it reaches the highest point, "beeps" sounds and the shutter goes down. There was a trick in how throwing, at the photo session, the shutter was descending by a few throws.

In the finished version Panono, photos taken are wirelessly sent to smartphone or tablet applications, and decide whether to use photos on the application. The picture at this point is 72 megapixels, and the picture on the screen has a seam between the camera and the camera, but when you send the decided picture to the cloud, editing is done and the seam disappears and the 108 megapixel picture It is said that it will be completed. Since this time is a prototype, I will connect the PC and check the photo.

Pictures taken actually are here. When Panono reaches the highest point, that is, when panoramic photography is taken when it is near the most resting state, it is finished in a picture with little blurring.

This project was realized by Professor Kyosuke Fujii who is advisor of the Kobei high school brass band division applied for Panono 's campaign on Twitter. Konishi High School Wind and Bass Department regularly performs concerts, but this time the professor Fujii advanced the project under the water, it was about a week ago that the students were told.

When the photo session ends, time to interact with the students.

Commemorative photo with everyone.

Panono can shoot 400 photos with one charge. The white balance is set to the prescribed value, the exposure can be selected from auto or manual, and the minimum shooting distance is 50 cm. ISO and others have not been decided yet, I do not recommend shooting in the dark, such as at night.

In addition, the release is scheduled for September 2014, the price is 599 dollars (about 67,000 yen). It is possible to reserve in advance from the following site, and when ordering from Japan it is a method of entering name and e-mail address and directly communicating with the person in charge at a later date.

Panono - Panoramic Ball Camera

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