Unique concealed "PowerShot N" which raised the degree of freedom of shooting with ring-shaped shutter and tilt liquid crystal Actual Photo & Movie Review

A camera with a unique interface that pushes the ring to the compact body and releases the shutter is called Canon's "PowerShot (power shot) N"is. This time the actual machine is "CP + CAMERA & PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2013"We have paid details to the photograph and the movie because it was exhibited in.

Canon: PowerShot N | Overview

External appearance of Canon booth.

This is"PowerShot (power shot) NIt is the real machine of.

With 1 / 2.3 type CMOS with effective pixel number of about 12.1 million, lenses are compatible with 8x optical zoom. The open F value is 3.0 (W), the ISO sensitivity can be set from 80 to 6400, and the shutter speed can be set from 1 to 1/2000 seconds. It is equipped with a tiltable 2.8-inch TFT display (approx. 461,000 dots), and is about 1.5 seconds nominal startup time (when not using speedlight).

The main body size is width 78.6 × height 60.2 × depth 29.3 mm, the nominal weight of the battery and recording media is about 195 g.

It is like this when putting it on the hand of an adult man.



Bottom side.

The recording medium is microSDXC.

The battery is like this. Nominal number of recordable images is about 200 (LCD monitor - display).

On the right side are the normal shooting mode andInstagramIt is equipped with a "creative shot" changeover switch that can shoot pictures with effects like image processing applications like the one shown in the picture, a Wi-Fi switch for connecting with smartphones, and a preview display button.

On the left side is a strap attachment pin and a power button.

The display can be tilted up to 90 degrees and you can shoot at high angle or low angle in a comfortable posture.

Live view of the back display looks something like this.

To operate the zoom and shutter use the ring between the lens and the body.

The front ring is for zooming.

The lens extends with Byoeen.

The shutter can be released by pushing the ring from the lens above the lens. This operation method is quite unique as a camera, so you will be puzzled if you do not get used to it, but it is quite convenient to use either hand on either side. If you do not start with this method, you can also operate the shutter by touching the display on the back.

It is like this when actually holding the camera.

Please check below for the movie that shows the operation being done.

Review highlights of 'PowerShot N' in movies - YouTube

I installed a "camera jacket / strap set" (3150 yen including tax) for carrying.

A movie containing a demo of the function to transfer captured images to a smartphone connected via Wi-Fi can be seen below. If you use this function, it is convenient to post taken images on Twitter or Facebook immediately from smartphones, but smartphones can not see the live view image or release the shutter at the time of shooting.

Movie Review of "Smartphone Cooperation Function" of "PowerShot N" - YouTube

In addition,PowerShot (power shot) N"The price of the normal model of the price is 20,990 yen including tax,Canon Online ShopIt is scheduled to be released in mid-March 2013 and be released late April.

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