"Portable wireless server" which performs 3 functions as one of Wi-Fi storage, mobile battery and USB card reader appeared around 9000 yen from Sony

Reservation is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 1, 2013, released from April 30, the portable wireless server with market estimate price around 9000 yen "WG - C 10"Was announced by Sony.

Various usage is possible as Wi-Fi compatible storage (it can be connected simultaneously from multiple units via wireless LAN), power supply function installed, continuous playback for up to 10 hours is possible, using a special application from smart phone · tablet etc It is easy to operate, it is small and convenient for carrying.

"Portable wireless server" that can play and save files with Wi-Fi connection, convenient to carry | press release | Sony

Portable wireless server "WG-C10" - YouTube

The size is about 50 x 105 x 18.5 mm (width / height / depth), weighs about 135 g. Wireless LAN corresponds to IEEE 802.11b / g / n.

Slots for Memory Stick and SD card on the left side

The port part is USB 2.0 A port (Hi-Speed ​​USB) and USB 2.0 microB port (Hi-Speed ​​USB)

When attaching the included USB cable (about 25 cm) to the exclusive holder, it changes to a strap for carrying around

As a main usage method, SD card · Memory Stick is inserted in the memory card slot, after Wi-Fi connection from smart phone · tablet · PC, etc, play various files such as photos, movies, music · materials etc in the memory card & It is to save to.

It is possible to upload to SNS by haste

In addition, it can be used as external storage · Wi-Fi card reader / writer, USB host function is also installed, and at the same time it is possible to connect from a maximum of 8 units via Wi-Fi.

Wirelessly copy files in smartphone to memory card

More noteworthy is the existence of a power supply function, it can also be used as a standby power supply when the battery level of the mobile device is reduced on the go, equipped with a high capacity lithium ion battery of 2210 mAh and a battery indication lamp It is also easy to check the battery level.

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